Best Tablets For Travel 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Apple 2. Fire  3. Microsoft Surface
Apple iPad Best Tablet For Travel Fire HD 8 Microsft New Surface Go

Everybody loves to travel. whether you are going on a weekend drive or a week-long cross country trek, you need the break from routine in order to feel rejuvenated or simply love the concept of learning something new, travel offers you the option to have both.

Nowadays, digital nomads are on the rise too. They are the people who have the best of both worlds. They travel while working or they work while travelling. Whatever be the scenario, digital nomads make the best use of modern technology. One of the accessories that every traveler swears by is the tablet. Combining the functionality of a computer and a smartphone, the tablet opens up a whole new world of work and play for you.


Feature-packed tablets have become a favorite toy for travelers and here you are going to highlight some of the best features of a modern-day tablet and discuss the best tablet for travel. If you are planning to make your traveling experience remarkable without losing on your office productivity, this post is going to be helpful for you.

Why You Should Invest In A Tablet?

If you have not used a tablet before, buying a new one can be a confusing task for you. Before we talk about the factors you should look at when buying a tablet, you must know the key reasons when people spend on a tablet. Let us explain why you should invest in a tablet.

1. Tablets Are Portable

This is one of the biggest advantages of having a tablet. They are lightweight and you can carry them anywhere when traveling around. Carrying a 7-inch device when enjoying a holiday trip will not be a tough job, as you can even carry it in one hand. Tablets are multi-tuskers and you can execute many tasks using a tablet when traveling.

You can imagine the hassle of carrying a laptop when enjoying a holiday trip. A tablet can be an alternative to a laptop in many ways. Its portability makes it one of the best travel accessories for travelers who always want to carry a multi-tasking device.

2. They Are Multi-Functional

When we invest in a product, we think about its productivity first. We want advantages in return and a tablet can be an ideal example in this matter. Whether it is a workplace or a class-room you can use your tablet to execute multiple tasks. Although we want to keep office-related works away when enjoying a holiday trip we often feel the need for a smart device that can help us to execute office works.

A tablet is quite productive and it can be used for many purposes. If doing office or educational tasks is not a concern for you when traveling around, you can use it for many other purposes like shooting photos and videos.

3. Attend Meeting When Traveling

In some professions, people never get out of their work and a tablet can be a useful device for them. Whether you want to attend a meeting or participate in a teleconference, a tablet can be an ideal solution for you. A tablet features both front and rear cameras for high-definition videos and images and you can use them to attend a meeting or conference virtually. If you are among the persons who never get out of their work, investing in a tablet can be a great idea.

4. Tablets Are Very Adaptive

Tablets are multi-tuskers and their adaptabilities make them a great accessory for travelers. If you are travel with your kids, you can allow them to play games on your tablet especially when you do not want to give your phone to them. However, tablets are not only for games. They vary adaptive and you can download many apps and software to personalize the device and use it for your own task.

You can stay connects to your family, friends, colleagues and all social media connections through some useful applications. A tablet comes with a genuine operating system and there will be no hassle of managing registration code or product keys to make your application functional.

5. They Are Great For Entertainment

The screen size of a tablet is larger than a smartphone and using the device to enjoy movies, music videos or your favorite TV shows will be a great experience. People often consider it a pure entertainment device for its ability to present content on a comparatively larger screen.

Average tablets come with a 7-9 inch screen size that you cannot expect from a mobile phone. The large screen and high-quality speakers along with a powerful processor make tablets a pure entertainment device.

6. They Come With Powerful Batteries

When you are using a device with a large-screen, you must think about its battery backup or how powerful the battery is. Since tablets come with greater hardware and screen size than smartphones, they require a powerful battery for greater power back up. As a traveler, you will always expect your personal gadgets to give extended battery life and a tablet can fulfill your requirement.

Tablets are available with a battery range from 3000 to 10000 mAh and you have to check the specifications before you pick any. If you want to carry a tablet with a powerful battery, go for at least 5000+ mAh.

7. Cheaper Than Laptops

Advanced and feature-packed tablets are now available with reasonable price tags and you can buy them before a holiday trip. If you are planning to buy a laptop before you go on a holiday trip, you have to think about the expense. A laptop can force you to cut your travel budget in short and you have to be careful about this.

A tablet, on the other hand, is less costly than a laptop and it will not affect your holiday budget. People often think that a tablet cannot give the same writing speed as a laptop. Well, this can be true but the exciting fact is that you can use a computer keyboard to type in your tablet.

8. Ideal For Travel

As a traveler, you may have plenty of questions in mind on whether buying a tablet will be a profitable deal or not. Tablets come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G network connectivity and you can use them to carry on your online activities.

Tablets feature a large screen, high-quality speakers, greater storage facility and many useful apps and can improve your traveling experience. If you are planning to take a smart device with a large screen and strong battery backup, think about investing in a tablet.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying A Tablet

We have seen how the emergence of portable devices has revolutionized our world. Like many other portable devices, tablets have emerged as an effective alternative to mobile phones and computers.

A tablet can be an excellent travel accessory for travelers who want to stay connected to the office, family, and friends. Tablets come with a larger screen and strong batteries that can make your traveling experience hassle-free. Here, we are going to brief on some mistakes people make when buying tablets.

1. Ignoring The Operating System

The operating system or the OS is the backbone of a tablet, as it regulates the entire functionality of the device. A tablet can be powered by either iOS, Android or Windows. Though other operating systems are available out there these three are the major operating system in the world.

Before you invest in a tablet, make sure you are comfortable with the operating system or you will easily grasp everything it comes with. The OS should be compatible with all the applications and software you will need in the device. Learn more about the interface and settings to be comfortable with it. When investing in a tablet make sure it comes with the latest version of the operating system.

2. Comparing It With PC Or Laptop

Computers and tablets are different devices and they are made for different types of users. People often decide to sell their PC or laptop after buying a tablet. If you think that your tablet is going to be an alternative to your laptop or desktop, you are going to make a mistake.

A tablet has its own limitations when it comes to power and functionality. A laptop or computer is a powerful device and you will find them much stronger when it will come to power and functionality. If you are planning to make a work station with a tablet, this can be a wrong move. Hence you have to understand the functionality and usability of a tablet before buying one and comparing it with a computer and laptop; you may not get expected results from it.

3. Going After The Cheapest Option

You may run after the top deals and cheapest options when it comes to buying clothes or utensils but when it comes to buying electronic gadgets like a smartphone, laptop, and camera or tablet you cannot do the same things. A number of factors determine the functionality and longevity of an electronic device.

When you will buy a tablet, you must look at some key features like processor, RAM, storage, battery, display, and the brand as well. Reputable brands never come with unbelievable deals and price tags and you cannot expect them to manufacture low-grade products and make them available at the cheapest price. Hence, never get lured by the attractive deals and cheapest buying option.

4. Ignoring The Connectivity Options

Connective the device to the internet is one of the key factors and many buyers make mistakes here. If you travel a lot then you should think about its connectivity to keep the tablet functional when you are traveling. Make sure the tablet comes with 3G and 4G connectivity options. Many tablets feature a SIM slot, which can be a good solution for you.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is must, as such options will help you to keep the device running even without a SIM card inside. Besides, many tablets feature USB and HDMI that will make it more convenient for you.

5. Investing In A Tablet That Does Not Match Your Lifestyle

The hardware and software features will determine the usability and functionality of your tablet. Before you invest in a tablet, you must look at its capability to manage complex tasks. As a traveler, you may want a tablet with high-definition cameras, a large screen, strong battery backup, and adequate connectivity options.

You should look at your lifestyle before investing in the best tablet for travel. If you want to stay connected to your office when on a holiday trip, you must check its ability to hold official applications. People who love adventuring activities should invest in a high-quality protective tablet cover.

6. Buying A Tablet Without Market Research

Whether you are planning to buy a smartphone or tablet, it is better to do some research before finding the best product to invest in. Buying a tablet blindly will not be a smart move, as you can save a lot by doing some research. There is no scarcity of online and physical stores and you can visit any of them to learn more about the product, its features, and price list.

If you are buying a tablet as a travel accessory, you must look at its specifications before going to the price list. Market research will not only help you to reach the best product but also give you an opportunity to compare. Hence, never buy a tablet in a hurry and always give priority to market research.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Tablet For Travel

Buying a tablet can be a challenging task especially if you have not used a tablet before. With a plethora of features, finding the correct tablet for yourself can be difficult. Some tablets are ideal for gaming; some are great as office productivity while others are perfect for everyday college use. How you will find what you need depends on a few factors which must form your checklist. Here, we are going to make the task easy for first-time buyers with some simple guidelines.

Remember, tablets are the advance mobile computing device and you can pick the wrong product if you are not aware of its key features and factors every buyer should care about. There is no need to invest hugely to pick the best product from the market. You need to choose the product that comes with all the hardware and software features you need. Here you are going stress some of the key factors you should look at when buying the best tablet for travel.

1. Size And Weight

If you are searching for a tablet suitable for travelers, you must take care of the size and weight of the product. Along with the hardware and software features, you have to think about its size so that it fits well in your baggage or hand. You will not look for a device that will not fit in your hand when traveling around.

Besides, you have to check how hard the product is. If you are an adventure-loving person, the tablet should have the capacity to remain functional in extreme conditions. It should be lightweight but that does not necessarily mean it will come with a weak body structure.

2. Operating System

Now come to one of the most vital factors. Tablets are available with various types of operating systems and you have to pick a specific OS according to your needs. It can be iOS, Android or Windows operating system and you have to learn about the functionality and usability of each of them.

Remember, you cannot expect your tablet to run on the same OS as a laptop or desktop. Operating systems featured in tablets are different than laptops and desktop versions. If you are an Apple fan, you can prefer an iPad, but if you have not decided anything on the brand, try to learn more about the usability of each operating system. Windows is the most versatile and popular operating system and their tablets run on the latest portable software as their desktop OS.

The ease of use and the access to a plethora of free apps makes this OS a popular choice amongst students. Android OS is perfect for less consumption of drive space as all their apps are online based. The whole Google Drive features can be accessed with ease via the tablet. Also the play store offers you each and every gaming app to spend free in transit hours without feeling bored.

3. Your Purpose

Your purpose will play a major role in the functionality and longevity of your tablet. People invest in a tablet for different purposes. It can be entertainment, official works, video blogging, gaming, traveling and many other purposes for which a person can buy a tablet.

If you are searching for the best tablet for travel, you have to think about the nature of the places you visit most of the time. Tablets that come with a strong battery and a large storage facility are ideal for travelers. If you are interested in photography or video shooting, prefer a tablet with a high-quality camera.

4. Quality Of Camera

As we have just mentioned, the camera can matter a lot if you are interested in photography or video blogging. Many tablets feature high-resolution cameras and you can think about purchasing one such product. A quality tablet can be a great option for travel photography and you can buy such a product at an affordable price.

Like smartphones, you can get both front and rare cameras on tablets. The resolution of the camera is quite important here, as this will determine the quality of videos and images. You can also check the image and videos taken by the tablet. You can also read reviews and check ratings on camera quality.

5. Battery Strength And Storage

Now come to one of the most important parts. If you are investing in a tablet for travel, make sure the product comes with a strong battery. Though battery life depends on the intensity of the applications and run-time of the device choosing a battery between 6000 to 10000 mAh will be a better option. Web browsing and online videos eat up more power compared to other applications and you should be careful about it.

Likewise, the storage facility plays an important role here. You can get tablets with 16-128 GB storage facilities and you have to pick one according to your purpose of use and budget.

6. Processor And RAM

Whether it is a smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet, the processor is the heart of a computer device. Average tablets come with 1.0 GHz processor, while the advanced ones feature 2.0 GHz. If you are looking for a high-performing product, prefer a tablet with a 2.0 GHz processor.

Likewise, RAM is one of the most important hardware features that will determine the speed of the device. You can find tablets with 1-4 GB RAM options and you have to choose one according to your needs and budget.

Top 15 Best Tablets For Travel 2022

1. Apple iPad 10.2 inch

Apple Best Tablet For Travel

When you are on a trip, you lookout for the best device for multiple tasks and a tablet can help users to do multiple tasks in a single device. New iPad from Apple comes with advanced features like Touch ID fingerprint sensor, A10 fusion chip, 10 hours of battery life and if you are searching for a perfect device to make your vacation more beautiful, new New iPad Gold (latest model) from Apple (10.2 Inch, Wi-Fi-32GB) will be a perfect choice.

The model is available in three different colors and users can choose 32GB or `128 GB variant depending on the requirements. The 10.2 inch display is a perfect solution to multi-task by using the split screen option. Or, you can enjoy a HD movie along with stereo speakers that will provide great entertainment. The Apple smart pencil makes drawing and jotting notes easier as the device feels natural like a pencil.

The tablet has 8 MP back camera and 1.2 MP front cameras so that travelers can take beautiful photographs from time to time. An investment in this device will also save the cost of music system since it features stereo speakers and you can enjoy your favorite music anytime anywhere.


  • The iPad feature excellent battery life that makes it a bit different from others.
  • The model supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.
  • It comes with the A10 Fusion chip.
  • HD video recording and editing available


  • battery drains quickly

2.  Fire HD 8

Fire HD 8

New HD 8 Inch Tablet from Fire – Black (8″ HD Display, 16 GB) comes with an ergonomic design with advanced features to give you a whole new experience. Coming from the global brand of Amazon, the Fire HD has undergone a truck load of tests so that you do not face any troubles when you use it.

The model has sufficient storage space, you can choose between 16gb and 32gb, highly responsive processor and RAM that makes it faster compared to other tablets. Manufacturers have comprised 1280×800 high-definition display with over million pixels to provide excellent viewing experience to the users. The 8-inch tablet has an extraordinary battery life of 10 hours and the 2-megapixel front camera will allow users to take photographs whenever they want and also enables 720p video recording.


  • 1.3 GHz quad-core processor.
  • It gives you an HD display.
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • Expandable memory card of up to 400 GB.
  • Alexa enabled device for a hands-free experience
  • FreeTime Unlimited is a great way to keep the kids engaged at a nominal monthly subscription.


  • The model is only available in four different colors.

3. Microsft New Surface Go

Microsft New Surface Go

If you are amongst the crowd of people who wants a tablet that is just inches away from being a laptop then the Surface Go from Microsoft is what you need.. Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction when it comes to tablets and the new Surface Go comes with ultra-portable body, versatile design and a fast processor to make your tasks easier like never before. The tablet has been designed to suit the requirement of daily users. It has three different modes to suit specific requirements and it will be a great choice for travelers.

The 10in screen is perfect for being used as a laptop when paired with a mouse and a keyboard. With PixelSense, the display makes writing on the screen a novel experience. The 9 hours unplugged battery life and fast charging thanks to USB-C charger makes this device travel friendly even on the constant run. The surface pen makes drawing in Studio mode a breeze, becoming every artist’s dream.


  • The model comes with high-resolution 10-inch Pixel Sense.
  • Surface Go features excellent battery life and it will be a great companion of the travelers.
  • Users can run Window 10 Home in S mode.


  • It won’t be a good choice if the camera is your highest priority.

4. Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10

A lot of buyers search for bigger displays to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment and Fire’s new full HD Tablet with 1080p full HD display, 10.1’’ screen & 32 GB memory- comes with the power of 2GHz octa-core processor and 2GB RAM to provide the fastest experience. The tablet allows individuals to enjoy movies, TV shows, apps, games and songs so that you won’t feel bored when you are alone.

With a 12 hour battery life entertainment will not pause. Whether you are reading or watching a movie, the sleek design helps handle the tablet with comfort and ease.

Manufacturers have tried to comprise advanced features and the model support Alexa through which, users can enjoy the highest convenience all the time. It has great battery backup and it will be a perfect investment for those who want quality with aesthetics.


  • The tablet supports fast charging.
  • The tablet allows video recording at 720p.
  • It has a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor.
  • 12 hours battery life
  • 2 MP rear camera with 1080p recording


  • The model is available in four different colors.

5. iPad Air

iPad Air

Are you tired of searching the perfect iPad that gives you extraordinary battery life along with a stunningly beautiful design that will draw everyone’s attention? New iPad Air from Apple (Wi-Fi, 10.5-inch, 64GB) comprises various advanced features and the device will suit the requirements of new-age users. iPad Air comes with a 10.5-inch retina display that will help you get a different experience.

The iPad comes with A12 Bionic chip that has neural engine a Apple specialty. This makes real time machine learning by your device easy so that your tablet stays attuned to your requirements be it gaming, creating #d designs or playing around with the augmented reality (AR) feature, 8 MP back camera and 7 MP front camera that makes it very popular among the buyers. iPad Air gives you battery life up to 10hours and if you are thinking about investing in tablets, this will be a good choice.


  • The device comes with 802.11acd WiFi.
  • lightweight yet strong.
  • Buyers will get a lightning connector for charging and accessories.


  • The model is available in three different colors.

6. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Lenovo Smart Tab M10

The emergence of pocket-friendly tablets has brought a revolution in the world of technology and a lot of buyers prefer investing in affordable yet reliable tablets. Smart Tab M10 from Lenovo is one such device. The Alexa enabled Android tablet gives you the best assistants to run your home and your life smoothly. You can let Alexa control the lighting, monitor the door and even adjust the room temperature all from your tablet as Alexa connects with other smart home devices. The google assistant on the other hand can offer you a hands-free experience.

The model features 10.1 inch HD display along with dual front speakers with Dolby Atoms. Buyers will get Qualcomm Snapdragon 429, quad-core with a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with 2. 0 GHz Processor. The device supports expandable memory up to 256 GB and it will allow users to enjoy voice calling, music or videos anytime anywhere.


  • Alexa connectivity to streamline smooth running of house.
  • It will deliver excellent performance with its fast processor.
  • It is affordable for all.
  • The tablet can be carried everywhere, simply undock it.


  • camera quality could be better

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

If you want the best travel tablet that comes with the power of a PC then look no further than the Galaxy S6 from Samsung. The S pen is the first thing that will catch your eye. The magnet enabled pen stays attached to the tablet so you do not forget it anywhere. But, the pen does more than sign papers and sketch on the screen. You can play and pause music and movies from the pen too, just press the button.

Connect with a trackpad enabled keyboard and you have the power of a laptop at your hands. The 10.5 inch display makes PC functioning smooth and clear


  • It features an excellent design and one can turn the tablet into a laptop instantly.
  • It has a fast processor to offer the highest convenience to the users.
  • It will offer 15 hours of battery backup.


  • No other color is available for this model.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

Samsung has always surprised the users with new inventions and technology and the new A8.0 Samsung Galaxy Tab has been designed to suit the requirements of the users. Entertainment and optimum viewing experience are two major factors that get the highest priority from the buyers and the device ensures the best entertainment with 8.0-inch screen with the minimum bezel.

You can capture clear and crisp images thanks to the 8 MP rear camera. It comes with a built-in memory of 32 GB where one can store their favorite movies, games, episodes or music to enjoy it anytime. All of these comes packed in a 0.76 pounds metallic body.


  • The tablet will ensure uninterrupted entertainment with minimum bezel display.
  • the device will offer battery backup for up to 13 hours.
  • Users can expand the storage up to 512 GB.


  • It is not good for capturing HD videos with rear camera.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung is considered to be one of the best manufacturers when it comes to tablet and new Galaxy Tab S5e from Samsung features ultra-light design along with 10.5 inch Super AMOLED display to enhance the entertainment to a new height. It allows users to control other devices with tablet and one can control lights, television, thermostat, door lock with just a single device. Let Bixby do all the work, you just command.

Being lighter than 1 pound, the tablet does not lack in any segment. Be it the clarity of the images on the screen, the sound of the speaker or the fast charging with 14.5 hours of uninterrupted binge watching. If the inbuilt 128 GB seems less for your memories, add a 512 GB microSD card to have space for more.

If you are wondering what the best tablet for travel is, you should not miss S5 that comes with 15 hours of battery backup and fast charging.


  • The device will provide 15 hours of backup.
  • It has a fast-charging feature.
  • Buyers will enjoy 4 months of ad-free YouTube and YouTube music.


  • Investment in the tablet won’t be a good decision if you need a good quality back camera.

10. Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10

Many parents search for the best tablet to introduce their kids with technology. New Kids Edition Tablet with 1080p full HD display, 10.1” screen, 32 GB memory from Amazon’s Fire 10 series provides you with everything that helps the kids to grow up. Users can set educational goals, easy to use parental controls on the device and the access to books, lessons, educational content will make it highly beneficial for the kids.

With 32 GB of storage and 12 hours battery life, your kids can enjoy their time without interrupting your work. Setting a goal for them or picking up an audiobook for them to enjoy is easy and fast.


  • Buyers will get 2 years warranty on this device.
  • The package includes a blue kid-proof case to protect your device.
  • Buyers will get 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.


  • It’s a kids’ tablet and it won’t be a good choice for adults.

11. Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 

Some travelers have shared the convenience of using tablets while on a trip and it has increased the popularity of tablets in recent times. If you are looking for the best tablet for travel, new Galaxy Tab E from Samsung should not be missed. It comes in a compact ergonomic design and it has 1.2 GHz processor along with 1.5 GB RAM making it highly efficient for multitasking.

Whether you enjoy reading with your coffee of want to record your class sessions, this tablet is ideal for every mode. Bundled with Samsung+ one touch feature, you will be privy to a lot of exclusive content and instant customer support.The advanced tablet comes with an affordable price tag and one should not miss it.


  • The tablet has a rear camera and travelers can capture daily lives with it.
  • It comes with a powerful 7300 mAh battery that will provide hours of battery backup.
  • The compact size makes it ideal to carry everywhere.


  • The tablet won’t be a good choice if you want to record HD videos on the tablet.

12. MediaPad M5

MediaPad M5

Many viewers complain about poor viewing experience with basic displays but Huawei has never failed to meet the expectations of the buyers and new MediaPad M5 Pro Tablet from Huawei with Octa-Core processor will give you most satisfying viewing experience with 2560×1600 HD display.

Apart from the ultimate viewing experience, it comprises quad stereo speakers certified by Harman/Kardon. M5 pro comes with Kirin 960 series octa-core chipset and 13MP rear camera will give you crystal clear photographs to make your moments memorable.

Named the best MWC of 2018, the MediaPad along with the M pen forms the ideal palette for all artists. Whenever inspiration hits you, turn to MediaPad. With 2.9 hours of superfast charging, you can enjoy 12 hours of uninterrupted work and leisure on your tablet.


  • MediaPad M5 features curved-edge 2.5D curved glass.
  • It comes with 7500mAh battery and the model supports fast charging.
  • It comes with 4 GB RAM, which makes it faster than other tablets.


  • Price is higher when compared to others

13. MatrixPad Z1

MatrixPad Z1

New MatrixPad Z1 from Vankyo comes with a fast and responsive performance that makes it one of the best tablets for versatile use. The tablet is built-in with Android 8.1 Oreo Go that gives you seamless viewing experience on 7 inch IPS display. The device comes with comfortable nighttime reading mode and the automatic backlight adjustment to provide the highest convenience to the users and if you are looking for the best tablet for travel, you should not miss MatrixPad Z1.

The Android Go edition offers the perfect collaboration of space saving lightweight apps that does not lack anywhere in their functionality. This Go edition is fast becoming the choice for many entry level and professional smartphones and tablets. The 1.5 GHz 64 bit quad-core processor along with a 1 GB RAM


  • The model comes with 32GB of onboard memory and expandable memory card slot.
  • 2500mAh battery will ensure continuous use up to 8 hours.
  • 1024×600 IPS display will provide true-to-the-life viewing experience.


  • No other color is available.

14. MatrixPad Z4

MatrixPad Z4

New MatrixPad Z4 from Vankyo comes with 10 inch IPS display that will provide a vibrant, colorful tone on 1280×800 resolution. The tablet comes with 2GB RAM and 64-bit quad-core processor that will make multitasking easier like never before. It boasts a 32GB storage space where users can capture a stunning photograph with the rear 8MP camera.

The device supports voice command with Google assistant and it will be a perfect choice if you are about to buy the best tablet for travel. Whether you want to check the weather, plan an itinerary or simply check on your emails, the Google Assistant will aid you in all your steps. You can enjoy a hands – free experience.


  • The tablet will be an ideal choice for those who search for good aesthetics with high performance.
  • Stunning IPS display will enhance your viewing experience.
  • You can capture stunning photographs with an 8MP rear camera.


  • The tablet is not ideal for high-graphics games.

15. Haehne 7 Inch

Haehne 7 Inch

Many buyers lookout for cheapest tablets to enjoy seamless entertainment and if you are searching for an affordable tablet for multitasking, voice calls and entertainment, new 7 Inch Tablet from Haehne will give you everything that you need. The model comes with Cortex-A50 Quad-Core 1.5GHz processor and it has 7 inch HD IPS 1024 x 600-pixel touch screen to offer the best experience to the users.

Android Pie 9.0 ensures that your tablet is free from bloatware. The device is compatible with Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS and it will be a good choice if you are looking for a cheap tablet. Storage too is not a problem with 32 GB ROM and 64 GB supported expandable memory slot.


  • The device will give you excellent performance for multitasking.
  • It comes with a 2MP rear camera.
  • Buyers will get a 2-year warranty.


  • Capturing HD videos is not possible with this device.


1. Is There Any Tablet Specially Designed For Travelers?

Tablets are famous for their multitasking abilities and they can be used for various purposes. Strong battery and greater storage are some of the features travelers always look for when purchasing a tablet. The whole purpose of tablets is to offer you better connectivity without the bulk of the laptop. That said, when traveling factors like charging and battery life has to be kept in mind.

2. Why Is Better RAM Important?

Greater RAM facilitates better functionality and faster computing. Low RAM makes it harder for the processor to transfer data that resulted in a slower functionality.

3. Why Should I Look For The Latest Version Of The OS?

The latest version of the operating system will help you to install advanced software/ applications. You have to upgrade the previous version of OS otherwise it may make your device slower.

4. Are Tablets Good For Photography?

The latest tablets feature high-resolution cameras that can help users to capture quality images. You can buy a tablet to capture high-resolution images and high-quality videos.

Best Tablets For Travel – Your pick?

Whether you are traveling for leisure or work, having all your files at the tip of your fingers helps keep you up to date with your work without losing on its entertainment value.

This is the full guide you need to purchase the best tablet for travel. Tablets are popular for their multi-tasking ability and they can be a great travel accessory if you want a smart computing device for you. A tablet can help you to do some office works, listing to music, watching videos, capturing photos and shooting videos. Hence, pick the best product now and improve your holiday experience.