Best Travel Adapters 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bestek 2. SublimeWar 3. Tessan
Bestek Universal Best Travel Adapter SublimeWar Tessan

Traveling around the world comes with a lot of responsibility and various requirements. Knowing how to travel with the right accessories such as the globally compatible electronics can make your life easy and enjoyable. If you are a newbie, you might find it hard to make the most of your electronic appliances. However, wherever you plan to travel, it is always better to look for the best travel adapter and know its utility.

Talking about electronic devices, let us understand the difference between an adapter and a converter, commonly used in your travel. Well, a travel adapter helps to adapt a plug and charge the device of your choice. While the best travel converter matches the voltage and gets the electricity to your devices.


Basically, your converter helps you transfer the electricity to get your devices charged. A converter is used only with “electric” products. Electric products are simple heating devices or have mechanical motors. When you’re traveling, especially overseas, you need to ensure that you travel with the best international travel adapter and a converter.

Everything You Need To Know About Converters

1. Importance Of A Travel Converter

The concept of traveling with a converter may come as a surprise too many. You might wonder why you would even need a converter when you have your adapter and charger, right? Here are some reasons why you need a converter:

a. Keep Your Devices Safe

Converters help you transfer the electricity to your devices. Now, the electricity or the wattage of the electricity passed to the device will depend on the wattage of the converter. When you travel to other countries, the wattage in the outlets may be more. And if you plug in your device or your laptop, it would just go out with a bang, damaging your device.

b. Charge Your Devices Properly

If you travel without a converter, you would most likely find your devices either charging too fast or too slow. Either way, your devices will short circuit and will not be good for any use, anyway. Instead of damaging your devices and reducing the battery life of your devices.

So, whenever you look for a travel adapter, try to find a good converter for your electronics. With that in mind, you could enjoy your trip and keep your electronics close to you.

2. How To Know If You Need A Travel Converter?

Primarily you’d need a travel adapter for your trips and journeys. However, if you travel to Europe, Asia or towards the Caribbean, you would need to have a converter. The wattage in the outlets there are different and may not suit your electronics.

A travel converter can be found anywhere, online or in retail stores. You should make it a point to read your electronics manual to understand which wattage fits it best. If you do not know which wattage is the correct one, all you need to do is take it to Google and you can find the answer to your problems.

3. How To Choose A Converter?

First, you need to understand if your device or appliance really needs a converter or not. Some dual voltage devices do not need a converter. So, make it a point to understand that first.

And if your device needs a converter, here is what you need to know about how to choose them:

a. Know The Wattage

Before you purchase a converter you deem fit for your phone, laptop or any other device, you need to know the wattage of the device. Look for “W” on the adapter device or in the manual. Make sure you get the wattage right. If you’re unsure, ask somebody to help you out.

b. Step Up Or Step Down

Understand the regions first. If you are traveling to America, you’d need a step-up converter. And if you’re traveling to Europe, for example, you’d need a step-down converter. Do not buy a converter without knowing which one to purchase.

While you’re choosing a converter, understand the basics. If you are unsure, remember to ask someone for help. Sometimes even travel agents can help you pick out a converter or help you direct towards which one would you need and how to get one.

4. Where Can You Find Converters?

Once you know you need a converter for your phone or your electronics, start looking for them. Finding out all about them is just the first step. The next step is to find them. Once you know which one you need, you can find them online or buy it at a retail store. And if you lose yours on your journey, do not fret. Retail stores usually have some variants available. However, try to keep your converter close during your travels.

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Adapters

Travel adapters are a much easier thing to understand than your converters. The best travel adapters are those that are compact and easy to use. All you need to think of an adapter is the adapter to your phone. An adapter helps your phone to get charged and helps the device to get the electricity. There is no complexity involved when you need a travel adapter.

The best travel power adapter is one that works internationally, even if you’re only traveling to one country. However, you need to understand if your device or several devices need a plug adapter. Some devices may still use the pin type charging port, which can cause an issue in the areas they don’t have pin sockets.

1. Importance Of Having The Right Adapter

There is really no standardized method through which electricity is conducted. Although there is a huge history behind this, which involves Tesla and World War II, it can get boring and irrelevant quickly. But the important thing to know is that the world still functions on different electricity supplied, which gets in the way for devices.

Nonetheless, a universal adapter allows you to change the pins is a great advantage for any avid traveller, and with the move to more USB charging options worldwide, finding one with a slot for these is an even better buy.

Just like the converters, you would need the right adapter to protect your device. Apart from that, the right adapter will help you get to ensure that your electronics are charged properly. And when you pick out an adapter for your travel purposes, ensure that you have a good look at the voltage.

2. Things To Remember While Buying A Travel Adapter

There are many things that you should keep in mind when you’re purchasing a travel adapter for your travels. Here are the primary things to keep in mind:

First, hair things and electronics are an exception. Most of the straighteners and blow dryers do not work well with the converters and the adapters. Such appliances are not made to use with converters and such. In most cases, such products are single-voltage devices. Even if you use some converter, it may not work properly, and it may be too loud. However, the best way to deal with such issues is to purchase a dual-voltage device to get the best results.

An adapter would only convert the pins for you. So, if you are looking to get a safe way to find your devices safe and sound, it would be wise to couple your device with a converter and an adapter. As the name suggests, the adapter makes the pins and the layout of the pins easier to use in a different country.

When you’re traveling, always remember a small adapter is better than a big one. The chunky and big adapters take up a large amount of space in your bag and may be hard to use. However, the same problem does not exist when you have a compact adapter.The weight is not the only problem. If you have a chunky adapter, it will block the charging port beside it, and give you lesser sockets to use and charger your devices. So whenever you are looking to purchase an adapter, make it a point to get your hands on the smallest of all available.

You should not go overboard when you’re purchasing an adapter. Some travellers might find it satisfying to purchase two or three as backups, but in reality, it is unnecessary. The thing is, you need to ensure that you have just one and keep it safe. Buying more or traveling with more will only become cumbersome for you.
If you are sure that you might lose one, either keep a reminder on your phone to remember or keep only one small adapter as an extra.

You should keep the pins in mind. Some may use only two pins. However, if you use other devices that come with a thick round pin, keep that in mind when you buy an adapter. It is better to get an adapter that fits all instead of traveling with a bunch of different adapters. If you buy different adapters for different devices, you’d find that it takes up a lot of space.

Understand which one do you need. Once you have a clear understanding of which one works for you the best, you will be able to get your hands on the right one without a problem.

Here is a list of top ten listings for the best travel adapter and the best travel converter:

Top 10 Best Travel Adapters 2022

1. Bestek Universal

Bestek Best Travel Adapter

This is our #1 pick. The charger has a universal adapter and comes with a voltage converter with a maximum wattage of 250w. It is the best two in one travel adapter and converter able you can purchase.


  • Can charge up to seven devices simultaneously.
  • It has a compact design.
  • Comes with AU Plug, UK Plug, and US plug, making it good for pretty much everywhere.
  • It has 3 AC outlets and 4 USB outlets.
  • Comes with Surge Protection and short circuit protection.


  • Loud.
  • Cannot work with hair tools.

2. SublimeWar International Adapter


This is yet another good pick. It comes in multiple colors and is compact. Despite the compact size, the adapter ends up on our list of some of the best travel power adapter because it can charge four devices simultaneously and has USB Ports and plug.


  • It is compact.
  • Comes in many colors.
  • Has smart technology for power management.
  • Uses USB hub technology.
  • Can simultaneously charge 4 devices.
  • Effective pin locking system.
  • Fits with UK EU China outlets.


  • It is not a converter.
  • It is not sturdy.
  • Might not work in some European countries, like France.

3. Tessan International Travel Adapter


This is one of the best travel adapters on our list. The adapter fits the bill for compact adapters. The Tessan adapter works in European countries and comes with two variants. You can choose whichever one you might need and like. It comes with a maximum capacity of 2500W and can charge mobile devices and other things.


  • Used in most parts of Europe.
  • Safe and certified by CE for your safety.
  • It can work with three to two pronged device chargers.
  • It has two USB Ports.
  • Comes with an indicator.


  • It is not a convertible, only an adapter.
  • Not used in the UK, Ireland and Scotland.
  • It could be a slow charger.

4. Epicka Universal Travel Adapter


This is one of the best travel power converter choices on our list. The charger comes in three different variants and comes with compatibility to work with various types of wall sockets. The charger is suitable with AU type, EU type, and US type plugs.


  • It has four USB plugs.
  • It supports Type C.
  • It has a built-in spare fuse, which helps in protecting you.
  • It works in most parts of Europe, Australia, China, the US and the UK.
  • It can charge six devices simultaneously.


  • It is a travel adapter, not a converter.
  • It does not support charging, only the Type C fast charging if the phone supports it.
  • Some sockets may not work from time to time.

5. Newvanga Universal All in One


The adapter comes in two colors, black and white. It can work in over 150 countries, which allows the adapter to function in the US, EU, UK, and AU Plugs without a problem. It is one of the best universal travel adapters on our list as it is compact and comes with great features.


  • It is also suitable for two-pole chargers.
  • It comes with dual USB charging spots.
  • It comes with FCC CE and RoHS Certified.
  • It also comes with Built-in Fuse protect, Cut power supply when the current exceeds.
  • It is sturdy and does not break easily.


  • It is not a converter.
  • The adapter’s limit is 660W max. at 110Vac, 1380W max. at 230Vac, not to be used above that.
  • Not used in 220V countries.
  • The product does not come with a warranty.

6. Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit


This is one of the best options for those who are looking for a quick fix to their travel charger needs. Using this adapter helps you to find the best way to charge your phone or any other electronic device in any part of the country. With a compact design, it has configurations to support pretty much any country. It includes 6 international types of chargers.


  • It has a smart indicator for you to keep a check on.
  • It comes with Grounded Connection, Surges Protection and is ETL Tested.
  • There are six different adapters in the same adapter.
  • It has a compact and utilitarian design.


  • It is not a converter.
  • The device offers good results for phones, but not so much for laptops.
  • It appears to be bulky, it is large for an adapter and takes up some extra space.
  • It will not work in South Africa; it is not equipped to work there.

7. Haozi All-In-One

Haozi All-In-One

This best international travel adapter comes with perfect features and specifications. The first thing to note is that it comes with great support from the company. They charge three devices at the same time. It comes in different color choices, which make choosing your travel adapter more fun. The adapter also comes loaded with FCC, CE, and RoHS certified safety systems.


  • It is equipped with US, EU, UK and AUS plugs.
  • You can charge up to three devices at the same time.
  • It has been tested and is safe to use.
  • It has two USB charging ports.
  • It comes with customer support.
  • Instead of an indicator, it glows once plugged in.


  • Not a converter
  • It can be dangerous for heavier appliances and devices.
  • The US charger or adapter may not function properly.

8. Saunorch Universal

Saunorch Universal

This is one of the best travel adapters for you. This is small and has a versatile charging capability. You can make use of this travel adapter to charge five devices at the same time. It comes with four USB charging slots and one plug charging slot. There are four different color choices to choose from, so you don’t get stuck with only one boring color.

It is powered by Smart IC Chip, which allows the adapter to adjust the charging speed; the adapter boosts the charging speed in most cases, as per your device. It also comes with fortified safety as they built it with Qualified with FCC CE and RoHS Certified Safety system. The product also comes with good customer service.


  • It comes loaded with a Smart IC chip.
  • There are different color variants.
  • You can charge up to 5 devices at once.
  • There are 4 USB charging slots.
  • Comes with Full Lifetime GUARANTEE and good customer service.
  • They equipped it with a safety shutter design, which is better for your safety.
  • It has an LED indicator.
  • Stylish finish and design.


  • It is not a converter.
  • The electrical output may get a bit messed up.

9. JMFONE Adapter


For finding an adapter that is compact and works just fine for your devices, regardless of where you are, this is the one for you. It comes with a neat design and comes in four color variants. The choice of colors is vibrant, making it one of the best travel voltage converter options on this list.

This adapter can help you charge five devices at once. It has four USB sockets and comes with four different plug configurations which help you make use of it in any country. It also comes with a guarantee. But, they cannot use it on high-powered appliances, only electronic devices such as iPhone, cell phones, mp3 players.


  • It is versatile. Used anywhere in the world.
  • Comes with an lifetime guarantee and great customer support.
  • It has Replaceable Fuse and Surge Protector.
  • It comes with fireproof reinforcement.
  • It comes with a smart chip which allows the adapter to charge five devices.
  • An LED light on the charger allows you to track the charging status.
  • There are color options.
  • Is a converter.


  • It does not suit the adapter for high-powered devices such as hair dryers, etc.
  • Could mess up the charge.

10. Haozi Upgraded Travel Adapter

Haozi Upgraded

This adapter comes in three different colors. Using this international adapter is impressive, as it is a compact . The adapter comes with four different adapters, Type G, Type A, Type C, and Type I. Best suited for those devices with two poles. The maximum capacity of the adapter is Max 250V-6A/1500w. It has four USB outlets and a plug pin, and all the charging spots can be used at the same time.


  • Comes with four different plugs.
  • Have color variants.
  • It has a plug outlet and four USB outlets.
  • It comes with the maximum capacity of the adapter is Max 250V-6A/1500w.
  • It comes with a built-in self-recovery fuse.
  • It is built with fireproof material.
  • It offers the maximum output of 6. 3A output for charging.
  • It comes with the safety feature of safety shutter, which helps in avoid short-circuiting and touching of live parts.
  • It is safe for children.
  • The adapter comes with FCC, CE, and RoHS certified.
  • The adapter comes with an IC chip, which helps in recognizing what type of charge does a device need.


  • It is not a converter.
  • Incompetent on high-powered devices.
  • The charge may be messed up if not taken care of.
  • Suitable for 2-pole plugs.


For finding the perfect travel adapters for your trips and journey, you will need to understand everything there is to it. Consider looking at every instruction and requirement before you purchase one for yourself. Here are some questions, important questions on your travel adapter, and converter buying needs.

1. Is It Important To Have A Converter And Adapter?

Well, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, a converter helps you dial the wattage down for your device. Without a converter, your devices might get shot and may be damaged permanently. The adapter is just a means to help your device get the electricity to get charged.

2. Is There A Best Travel Converter For A Hairdryer?

Well, there are some converters that are used with your hair dryers. However, there is no effective way of using converters with hair tools. Most of the hair tools have a single voltage system, which is why converters do not work on them, which is another reason the converters might somehow end up ruining your hair tools. You should ensure that you find the right hair tools for your journey or get one at the destination instead of carrying one.

3. What Kind Of Adapter Should I Purchase?

It is best to remember that the smaller they are the better. When your travel space is important. So, if you bring two adapters and all of them are bulky, you will be in trouble. However, if you play it smart and get only the adapter that will work with all your devices, you won’t have to worry about the space in the bags.

4. Is It Wise To Carry Two Adapters?

Well, there is no harm in carrying two adapters that are compact and can be packed away easily. Remember, the space is important. However, sometimes when you may leave in a hurry, and you may forget your charger or your adapter behind. In such a scenario, the place you are in, you might not find the right adapter or the right converter for your electronics. It is safe to keep two handy at least.

5. How To Know Which Adapter Fits Your Needs?

To know if the adapter is what you need, you need to check the manual for the electronics that you would need to use on the trip. Always understand that you need the correct wattage for your devices and ensure that you need the correct converter if you are traveling overseas. If you ignore the wattage, you might end up damaging your devices, and sometimes, it might just blow up.

Best Travel Adapters – Last Thoughts

Traveling without your essentials is way harder than it appears to be. Before you travel to a country or a continent, make sure you know which type of place it is and what kind of plugs does it use. Also, make sure you educate yourself on plugs, converters, and adapters. Without some basic knowledge, you won’t be able to understand which ones to get and which ones are necessary for your plans. It is always better to go prepared.

Another thing that you need to remember is that you should carry a spare, just in case you lose your primary converters and adapters. You should find an adapter and a converter that is compact, safe and comes with a good number of charging slots you can find the right way to keep your electronics charged. Before you leave for your trip, make sure you test out the adapter for a while.

Always choose the ones with lifelong guarantees, as they can be exchanged just in case the adapter or the converter you have does not work or turns out to be defective. Always check and try out the adapters to avoid a broken adapter in a foreign country.