Best Travel Books Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. National Geographic 2. Jon Krakauer 3. Patricia Schultz
National Geographic Best Travel Book Jon Krakauer Patricia Schultz

If you ever feel alone, make books your best friends as those who love reading are never lonely. Books can make you travel across time, space or boundaries. It can transport you to an imaginary world, far from reality. They are instrumental in giving you an enthralling experience.

If you have never experienced the thrill of reading, you might have missed out on a great opportunity to teleport yourself to the unseen. The habit of reading books also complements your travel experiences.

When we combine reading and traveling it gives us a phenomenal experience. There are some best travel books that can inspire you to travel.


While you read a good travel book, you can escape from your mundane life and explore new experiences. You can travel to unfamiliar lands and witness magic, love, and tragedy.

These accessories can keep you at the edge of your couch, and you can’t stop reading it. They will inspire you so much that it will force you to pack your bags and go on an adventurous trip full of fun.

The various travel narratives makes it an entertaining engagement for the readers. We present you 10 books that will make you wanderlust.

Top 15 Best Travel Books 2022

1. National Geographic

National Geographic Best Travel Book

Traveling is a great way to rejuvenate and relax. Every year people plan their vacations, and the best way to do is to know about the place where you want to travel. One way to know about the place you are visiting is by reading books about it.

Here comes the role of a fascinating and alluring book that will keep you engaged and will give complete information about the place to visit. This book by National Geographic gives you complete details about the 50 states.

It is a richly illustrated book that highlights the travel experience in 50 different states. National Geographic has tried to bring forth the best to see in all these places, right from parks, pools, hotels, national parks, hotels, Civil war battlefields, dude ranches, museums, etc.

In this book, you will read about the World’s longest yard sale in Tennessee, dinosaur trails in Colorado, America’s oldest street in NYC, swamp tours in Louisiana, etc. Besides, covering the best states in the U.S., you will also get a glimpse of Canada and places to see here.

The book will equally fascinate the kids. It is loaded with colorful pictures covering all the key places to visit. This book will surely fuel the desire of wanderlust, so if you are looking for a great book for all the travel lovers.


  • Good book with the engaging writing style.
  • Covers the unexplored places in the U.S.
  • Has a lot of pictures to allure, even the kids.


  • At some places, it becomes monotonous.

2. Jon Krakauer

Jon Krakauer

If you are fond of reading adventure travel stories inspired from real-life, then investing in this book is a good choice. This piece of travel writing brings forth the real-life story of Chris McCandless and his journey in Alaska. Exploring the wilderness of Alaska, Job Krakauer has realistically written about how he survived.

The writer has brought forth how each character of the book has impacted the life of the protagonist of the story. Jon has also put in his own feelings on how McCandless handles the situation.

He has brought forth how wilderness can impact the behavior of the people and why boys are more attracted to adventure or high-risk activities. The book also highlights the relationship between the son and father.

One good thing about this book is that you will feel connected with the story because the writer has used an informal form of writing wherein you will feel as if you are going along with the story.

An interesting piece of writing, this travel book will be a good choice for those who are looking for best travel books with an adventurous real-life story.

A notable feature of this book is that they adopted it into filmmaking in the year 2007. Sean Penn directed the film with Emile Hirsch and Kristen in the lead role.


  • A good piece of adventure realistic writing.
  • Explains about the relationships.
  • Explores the wilderness and its impact on life.
  • Inspired by the real story.


  • Some may not find the content to be very engaging.

3. Patricia Schultz

Patricia Schultz

Have you read 1000 places to see in the United States and Canada and have loved the book, then you must have a look at the revised edition of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz.

The book interestingly covers all the happening places of the 1000 cities and places that you must see. Some of these are unconventional, to places that you would have never thought about.

Travel veteran Patricia Schultz has written this book by compiling together 1000 different destinations across the globe. The compendium covers everything right from penguin strolling on Boulders Beach, cherry blossom viewing in Japan, dancing fountain in Las Vegas, and Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica and many other places.

It does not limit the writing piece to reading; rather, you can find colorful pictures that will make reading this book great fun.

If you are planning a trip to a certain destination and are looking for a guide that can help you find the best places to, then you should add this book to your list of must-haves. The writer has added 200 new destinations to this book, which will help you explore more about the new places to see.

It contains the illustration of 200 new destinations, 600 colored photographs. They have named the book as the best-selling books by the New York Times. This book will not only let you know about the places to see, but it is a practical guide that will help you plan your travel.


  • One of the best rated traveling books by The New York Times.
  • Added 200 new destinations.
  • It has 600 colored photographs.


  • The book lacks balance when it comes to places to see.

4. National Geographic

National Geographic

Traveling is a great way to create memories and rejuvenate oneself. Travel writing in the form of travel books makes it easy for the reader to know about different places. These books are like a travel guide, one such addition to your list of best travel books can be Destinations of a Lifetime.

National Geographic presents this book and covers exclusive 250 destinations that help you know about different places. This outstanding book contains 250 colored photographs that are going to provoke you to travel. The book is beautifully written and will surely make you an armchair traveler.

The book features local places around the World; it includes everything right from local markets to ancient monoliths, white sand seashores, forests, and scenic islands.

It is a must-have if you are looking for the best reads for travel books. The moment you open the book, you will get an authentic feel of the destinations covered in the book.

It has covered an exclusive 225 places in this book that looks beautiful and will draw your attention. If you are a would-be traveler, then you must have this book.


  • It covers 225 exclusive destinations.
  • Contain colored photograph and looks beautiful.


  • It mostly covers destinations in the U.S.

5. Wallace Johnson

Wallace Johnson

If you are not a book reader and are looking for an easy way out, then you must try the audiobooks. One such addition that we bring you is this audiobook, The Feather Thief. The best part about this book is that it is an audiobook, so you don’t really have to dig your eyes into it.

This book marks the debut of Kirk Wallace Jhonson in the crime genre. The story revolves around a bird’s feather heist that took place in 2009 at the National History Museum in England.

Edwin Rist and his obsession make him pluck feathers of exclusive bird variety and selling them for top dollar to men who had an obsession with it.

The book aptly covers the entire scene of robbery and things thereafter. The good part is that this book is available on Kindle, paperback, and even as an audiobook if you are looking for a good suspense thriller book that can provide you a dive into the world of adventure and mystery.

The narration in the voice of MacLeod Andrews is powerful and gripping. You will feel as if the story is playing right in front of you. All-in-all, it’s a great way to involve yourself in a good story listening.

Many people don’t find reading the book while traveling to be good for health; in such a case, this audiobook can be your perfect companion.


  • It is an audiobook.
  • Gripping storyline.
  • Captivating narration.


  • The length of the storyline could have been less.

6. Kath Stathers

Kath Stathers

Have been thinking too long about traveling, but something or the other came in your way. Well, this is the story of most of the people.

But, if you have a sleeping globetrotter resting within you, and compelling you to explore a different traveling destination, then it’s time to give it a thought. The Bucket List by Kath Stathers is an addition to your league and must be read by all the travel lovers.

The book covers exclusive travel destinations across the globe, both Asian and European continent. If you have been searching for a book that can be your perfect tour guide, then you must invest in this book.

The goodness of his book in not merely limited to places to see, but you will also get some great advice on how to achieve your goals, age is just a number, etc.

The objective of this book helps you explore yourself and how can you pick a hobby at any age. This is a perfect book for everyone, whether you are a serious person or the one who is lighthearted, the book has engaging content for all.

So, if you are looking for the best travel book, then you must add this book to your list.


  • Exclusive destinations.
  • Perfect reading materials.
  • A motivating book.


  • Some people didn’t find it a practical read.

7. Joe Yogerst

Joe Yogerst

Unfolding new destinations is what this book is all about. 100 parks and 5000 ideas will take you on a journey of covering ultimate destinations in the U.S. and Canada.

If you are fond of reading and are looking for a book that can take you on a journey to the most beautiful places, then this book by Joe Yogerst is something that you should look at. Coming to the key aspects of this book, they load it with a lot of colorful pictures. They will surely inspire you to put on your travel shoes.

When we talk about parks, then most of the books covering this topic cover national parks, but this book by Joe Yogerst also includes city parks, thus giving you information about all the popular parks in the state.

The good thing about this book is that it covers all the minute details about the place, giving you an insight into the different parks, timing, and other minute details that will make your plan to travel a great success. Besides you will get information book with it.

This booklet has information about statistics of the park, current prices, places to eat near the park. It also goes information about the trivia items. All-in-all, it’s a great book and a must-have for all the readers.


  • The perfect book that covers local parks.
  • Stunning pictures.
    A motivating reading material.


  • The picture to content balance is not good.

8. National Geographic

National Geographic

If you love reading travel books, then adding this is a must. While most of the travel reads cover the popular destinations, the second edition of Journey of a Lifetime by National Geopgrhaic covers the most unconventional destinations across the globe.

This book features 120 new destinations. If you are looking for a lesser-known sojourn across the glove, then this book will take you through this. They fill it with colorful photographs, covering new destinations like Colombia, Cartagena, and many other locations.

Each chapter of this book has a description of the city, along with outstanding colored photographs. Besides, you will find some practical tips that will help you make the best of your traveling experience.

This book is surely an inspirational one and will help you plan your travel with ease. The language is engaging, and pictures are alluring. All-in-all, its amongst the best travel books that you can have.


  • An inspirational piece of writing.
  • It’s an armchair book that will help you travel the World.
  • Colored pictures will motivate you to travel.


  • Quality of pictures is not that good.

9. Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux is a master of travel writing, and he brings forth another masterpiece from his kitty. The book takes you through Mexico and gives you details about modern Mexico.

The writer describes Nogales, a town at the border of Mexico and the U.S. He aptly describes a striking contrast between the flourishing U.S. and impoverished Mexico.

He uses local lingo to describe Mexico, its beauty, and also its adverse side. The writing will give you an in-depth insight into the city of Mexico.

On the plain of snakes desires the squalid urban side, dotted with markets like Walmarts, how the city’s news fill up the drug cartel massacres, it describes the solitude that haunts the city and how it is holding is from becoming as prosperous as its bordering country the United States of America.

It’s a great piece of writing that will give you complete details about Mexico so you can virtually become a part of this city.


  • Brings forth the real side of Mexico.
  • Local lingo makes the book realistic.


  • Politically oriented.

10. Alex Messenger

Alex Messenger

Are you fond of reading wild-life adventure books and are looking for an epic reading experience, then you must consider buying this book. The good part is that you can read it online on Kindle.

The book covers a six hundred mile canoe trip in the wilds of Canada. The book describes the lethal encounter of a 17 year old Alex with a grizzly bear. The story also has 5 companions of Alex who traverse through this wilderness journey where they explore the wild side of Canda.

The wild adventure turns lethal when the grizzly bear maul them, and their adventure trip turns into a survival journey.

The gripping storyline and description of each incident will bring you on the edge of your chair. The book has won many laurels that define how good it is; the Twenty-Ninth Day is the finalist for the 2020 Minnesota Book Award; it is also rated as Midwest Indie Bestseller and an outside magazine pick of the Best Winter Books.

So, if you are looking for the best travel book that can take you on an adventure journey, then this is a must-read.


  • Book has been a finalist for the 2020 Minnesota Book Award.
  • Realistic adventure experience.


  • Tedious travelogue.

11. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

Are you looking for a great reading experience and one of the best travel books that will help you discover some exciting places around the globe, then you can consider buying this book?

The book will take you on a journey of 230 countries covering exclusive locations that are not only descriptive but has 850 images to make your reading experience even more alluring.

Lonely Planet is known to bring forth some of the best destinations, and to support the details with some staggering pictures, this compendium by Lonely planet is yet another addition to the same.

You will discover the different cities across the globe, its key highlights, films, food, music, places to see, and some interesting facts and stats about the country. You can use this as a guide to discover the different places and plan your trip accordingly.

This is a 448 book that comes with a rainbow foil cover. It can also be an exclusive gift to your globetrotter friend.


  • Inspirational book.
  • Practical tips.
  • Colorful pictures make reading a pleasure.


  • Reading it on Kindle is difficult.

12. Airline Maps

Have you been looking for a book that describes the beautiful journey of airlines and that traverses through ages, then this is a must-have. Curates by acclaimed authors,

Mark Ovenden and Maxwell Roberts, this book is a collection of a wide range of plans and posters which sprawls across the globe. It covers a period of 1919 to 2019. The book includes materials that are published for famous airlines.

This book is going to give a glimpse of the history of aviation. You can read about the rise of commercial carriers, the use of biplanes, turbo-prop craft, and seaplanes.

Besides, you will also get information about less popular airlines like Sudan Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Jamaica, and Iraqi Airways. This book is going to give you a glimpse of the popular airlines and some interesting pieces of information about them.

This is an image-laden book which comes with concise information; If you are looking for a good read that can give you all the information about the airlines, then this is the right book for you. In fact, it is a great, gifting option.


  • Picture laden book.
  • A good piece of information about lesser-known airlines.
  • Informative and interesting.


  • The picture is to content is not balanced.

13. D.K. Eyewitness

D.K. Eyewitness

Have you been lately thinking about traveling and are wondering what could be the right destination, then think no more? This book by D.K. Eyewitness is going to be a great help to you.

The book brings together 100 different destinations that sprawl the globe. Whether you want to sail through the skies in Nepal or rainforest in Croatia, the book will give you all the information. This is an inspirational piece of reading material that is laden with a lot of pictures.

The book takes you on a journey and gives you a realistic image of the places that are mentioned in the book. The colorful, vibrant pictures, along with exceptional content, make this a must-read. It has all the information about the places to see when to visit, and the highlights about the place.

The book is an inspiration travelogue that is going to leave you awe-struck with its amazing content.


  • Inspirational travelogue.
  • Covers 100 popular destinations across the globe.
  • Stunning pictures with inspirational content.


  • The quality of the book is not that great.

14. Moon Travel Guides

Moon Travel Guides

Get inspired and start preparing your traveling list today. Moon Travel Guides gives a complete list of cities, popular festivals, places to be, road trips, and much more.

The interestingly designed book has an illustration of different locations and their key highlights. We all love to travel, but seldom know when is the right time and what is the right place. Well, if you are also in a similar league looking for outstanding places to see, then this book will help you prepare your bucket list.

The book has an illustration of beautifully written material supporting by stunning and colored photographs. It stores all of this and much in for you in this book. Not to miss the epic road trips that will surely inspire you to put on your travel shoes and hit the road.

You will know about the wine trails, local market, places to eat and shop, outstanding places to stay, and much more. This is a must-read book that will help you make the most of your traveling destination.

Whether you are looking for the best travel book for yourself or your friend, this book is a great option.


  • A good reading material.
  • Covers some unconventional destinations.
  • Mentions about an outstanding road trip.
  • Stunning pictures.


  • Some may find the pictures to be overpowering the content.

15. Merriam Webster

Merriam Webster

When it comes to introducing travel books to your little one, then you can start with Atlas. It’s the right way to showcase them to the World.

Atlas has all the information, maps of the city with some interesting pieces of information. Merriam Webster’s Student Atlas is one such addition that you can have for your kid.

They have carefully designed this book and crafted it for the 5th to 8th-grade students. It forms a good reading material for homeschooling. Whether it is about learning about the World or locating them on the map, Student Atlas by Merriam-Webster is a good platform to start with.

The colorful pictures, supported by graphs, maps, and other study aids, will make reading Atlas your kid’s favorite.

The map illustrates details about different topographic structures, different states, like population density, environmental phenomena, etc.

If you are looking for an easy to understand book that will help your little one get complete information about the World, then you must invest in the Student Atlas by Merriam-Webster. You can also use it as a gifting option.


  • Good reading aid for students of 5th-8th grade.
  • Supported by graphs and maps for better understanding.
  • Good study aid for homeschooling.


  • Some students may not find running through atlas interesting.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying Travel Books Online

In recent years, we have seen a growing inclination of people towards buying books online. Instead of going to a bookstore and searching through the piles, it is easy to buy a book online.

They deliver it at our doorsteps and hence save lots of time, effort, and money. But not everyone likes to do so, and for those, they can buy a book from a physical store only.

Travel books are a popular category; these books have information about the places to visit, locations, destinations, festivals, and other interesting pieces of information.

Whether you are buying a travel book or any other piece of writing online, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration. We have discussed certain pointers that will help you find the best travel books online:

1. Internet Browsing

To find the most amazing deals and offers, search on the internet. Go through various websites and find the best offer and price for the book you wish to order and also the delivery time. This task can only be useful if you are sure of which book to buy otherwise, you will be lost.

2. Sign Up For Availing Discount Offers

Yes, you can save so much if only you know where to buy from and how to buy. Many times there are offers stating that signup to avail instant discounts or Sign up for their newsletter to know when the new deal comes on your product

3. Advertisements Promotions And Offers To Avail Discounts

These look very much inviting as more discounts are available but do not buy unless you need the product. Sometimes we end up losing more money instead of saving.

4. Free Shipping

There are plenty of products and websites where we can get products delivered with zero delivery fees. Always look for the sites where you can avail it because sometimes the discounted amount is far less than the delivery fees.

5. Buy A Second Copy Or Used Book

Sometimes duplicates of original printed editions are available, and they look exactly similar but are of a lesser amount. So if you are trying to save money, then you can buy these kinds of books. You can also buy a second hand book or a used book. Check if it is on resell and in good condition.

6. Club Together Various Books Or Gift To Your Friends

If you love reading and are always hungry for new books launched, then you can order more books together to avail more offers. You can also send a gift to family or friends.

7. Bid On Your Books

It’s not a surprise. Many times websites come up with this deal to attract more customers, and you can bid on your favourite titles at a meagre cost. You just have to put a price on the title for how much amount you are ready to buy the book. If things go right, then the book will be yours at a very low price.

8. Sales During Festive Season

We all are aware of shopping seasons when every website comes up with exciting offers and rewards. That is the best time to buy everything you need and can club together with the offers. Search and find a good deal.

9. Keep On Searching

Don’t worry, and don’t lose hope as, if you keep searching you might avail the deal you have been looking throughout because many times prices drop by as soon as you place an order. So before placing an order check thoroughly and ask for the price difference.

10. Reviews

If you are buying a travel book, it is important that you must check the reviews and ratings of the book. With the reviews, you can figure out if it is the best travel book or not. Travel books must cover popular destinations, must-have photographs, and describe the places. Running through the reviews will help you in finding out the same.

11. Destinations

It is important that you must check what the different destinations that the book covers. Also, you must collect information about writing styles and formats.

You can also read online the individual travel books, or you can get their audiobook. Irrespective of your choices, you must see if it really interests you or not.

Although these all seem very quirky and nice but remember you have to be vigilant while shopping online. Be protected and save your money and details. It is alluring to find a book on a discount, but that doesn’t mean you should jump to buying it. Check the reviews and see if it matches your reading pattern.

What Is Travel Literature?

For centuries people have been writing about their experiences and stories of their visit to certain places. They call these writings and books “travel literature” and encompass new places, sites, views, mountains, journals, or memoirs.

There has been different travel writing that you can find. Based on your reading habits and objective, you can choose the right travel literature.

When you explore the different travel books, then you will come across a different kind of travel writing. The following are the different travel writings that you can find in different travel books:

1. Travel Books

The genre of travel books is vast. It includes documentaries, literature, memoir, journals, writings full of humor or realism.

They often include travel guide books with these. Various blogs, sites, memoirs, journals, or magazines can provide these writings. Many experts, historians, travelers, scientists, educators, and migrants have shaped them and provided their insights in writing these.

2. Guide Books

A guide is nothing but a collection of all the necessary information, maps and directory and list of hotels and tourist places So that a tourist can find his own way. Going back to history, then Tjomas West’s guide To The English West District, it is one of the earliest written travel guide book.

These books give you a glimpse of different places, areas to visit, history of the place, and highlights of the destination. If you are planning a trip to a particular place, then travel guide books can be of great help to you.

3. Travel Journals

It is a record made by a traveler about his experiences in the form of a diary and during the journey it is written, which is later edited for publishing.

4. Slave Travel Narratives

Travel writing is a popular form of writing. It has been there since the 18th and 19th centuries. We are talking about slave travel narratives. These narratives include the slavery. These good pieces of excerpts will give you a glimpse of the history that existed.

An autobiography of Frederick Douglass in which he narrates a very popular slave journey is deeply intertwined with his traveling, on the command of his masters and ending with him commanding himself. He stopped wherever and whenever he wanted.

5. Fiction

Many times it becomes difficult to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction works, as seen in the works published by Marco Polo or John Mandeville. There are numerous examples available of popular fiction works where actual journeys have taken place.

6. Travel Blogs

In the tech-savvy generation, blogs and WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Instagram act as Travel Guide, Memoirs, and Travelogues of people who share their experiences and then recommend a certain place to visit, or eat at.

This has also become a full-time profession. During the 1990s, blogging began, and the “travel blog” was the first instance of blogging. WordPress became the most popular self-hosted platform in 2018 due to its ease of use.

Choosing The Best Travel Books, How To Do It?

1. Ease: choosing your destination can be tough, so once you have decided on this, start reading your guide. Make an itinerary for yourself and plan it out well, mark all the places you want to visit and make the best out of your guide. Read everything about temperature, cuisine, culture, what to do and what not to do, etc.

2. Budget: travelling solo or with a group, money is the most important and limiting factor. Plan your trip as per your budget and markdown each and everything according to the travel guide. Where all you can visit and what all can you do.

One of the cost-effective ways is to choose local transportation and cheap stays. Nowhere else can you find such precise information than the travel guide. And that is why it is a must buy one.

3. Location: If you want to choose a place which invites fewer people and isn’t very crowded, these travel guides can help you decide on it. Take their help and find places where you are most likely to encounter less number of people and choose it as your destination.

4. People: Some people like to be with others, and they enjoy the companionship of other fellow travellers. Their main aim is to communicate and exchange knowledge and build relationships. These guides can help you find such staying places where you can easily find other tourists and enjoy your trip.

Exchanging hi’s and smiles is a good way to start conversations, and you won’t even know when you will just make a new friend. Travelling solo can be fun if you can be more open towards others and ready to have a company.

5. The road less taken: If you are also among those travellers who like to search for new places that are less explored and try things out on your own, then these guides might not help you much but will provide you with the secondary information required to reach such places.

The city map, the transportation maps, the details of various places can provide you with a rough idea, to where you can find what. They also give details about where what you can find to eat, but I would rather prefer to eat out on my way down seeing the current situation.

Is It Worth It To Spend On A Travel Book?

It is very much important to acquire everything about a place where you are planning to travel. It’s equally important to know its culture, traditions, cuisine, history, geography, its socio-economic condition, and the recent accidents or news.

You might wonder that there are plenty of sites, blogs and sources available online to know about everything, then, why do we need these travel books?

If you are a person who doesn’t really care about the number of pictures but is looking for a deeper understanding and meaning, then these guides may be with it. It all depends on the things you want to experience.

Travel Guides: What Are These?

It is said before you step out to travel, enquire and acquire everything about the place as much as you can. Travel guides are sources of such information. From drop to oceans, they reveal each and everything. They can be books, people, or CDs or tapes.

Before reaching a new destination or foreign location, it is a great medium to prepare and equip you with factual information so it is not so unfamiliar. It allows you to pass the time during long journeys, these guides are a great time pass. Along with giving information, they also entertain and help you know its people and its history well.

Those who live in that particular place travel in most cases write these books. They might be written by travel experts and travel enthusiasts.

A good travel guide will also enhance your local knowledge and teach you some sentences and words so you can communicate better. They will tell you about good eat-outs, places to see and stay. They might even tell you from where you can get your currency exchanged or how they deal in their currency.

Suppose you have been studying Spanish throughout your school, you know everything about it, it’s language, culture, history, and it’s geography.
Imagine if your tickets to Barcelona and Madrid are booked, it will be a bonus to know what exactly you want to see, where to go, and what to do.

In such situations, you won’t need a travel guide, and you can just start exploring on your own. At this time, do you think you will need a guide?

In situations where a person does not show any interest in learning or knowing about a place and is there just to click some photos and relax, travel guides are not worth purchasing for.

I can still say that no matter how much you are familiar with a place, you can still learn a lot from such books. Sometimes when you know nothing still, these guides aren’t useful because one doesn’t want to use them.

You can just forget about buying a book when you want to explore the unexplored and walk on your own. If you don’t like congested spaces, tourists everywhere, sounds of pictures being taken, then you don’t have to buy a travel guide.

Losing yourself out in nature, in the unexplored areas is the best kind of adventure, and you can surely find yourself again. For such trips, you don’t need a travel guide.

Let’s consider this: your packages, buses, deals can be expensive. Now adding on to your budget these books can be more expensive.

Moreover, things keep changing, new places keep on coming up, old places shut down, and so these guides are edited repeatedly, which may be pricey to buy. If you plan to buy an old edition to save some bucks, then it will be wasteful to even buy it.

You can use this money to eat a new dish, buy drinks or stay in some other place or travel to another city, then go for it!

The Experiences These Travel Books Will Give You

Suppose you plan to visit Europe. While walking, you stumble upon a good building, and you are awestruck. You wonder what a site! You want to know everything about it, and you are dying with your curiosity.

The other tourists are clicking pictures and moving ahead. It can be a remarkable contrast, to change the way you see the world depends on your quest for knowledge.

If you have a travel book, then immediately you can get answers to all your questions by reading the map, information about the place and its story, it’s the significance and what is it famous for?

A travel book is a reservoir of knowledge, written in your native language and takes you through a transformation.

It eases out your journey in an unfamiliar land, and it becomes fun and exciting. If you are seeking this kind of wonderful experience, then these travel books are worth it.

Let’s say that you have been walking around Rome for a long time and are starving. You wanted to try the authentic Italian food and not just pizza and pasta.

You are not sure of where you can find these delicacies. You can’t ask a local because you can’t speak Italian very well and you are afraid. You want to eat at a place which is very popular amongst the travellers and has great reviews or recommendations.

Your travel guide will help you to know the best place to eat, the famous dishes and about Rome’s most famous dish Carciofi Alla Romana, along with the description and the image of the dish that will make you salivate.

You can also encounter another restaurant where they serve a dish known as antipasto, reading the directions you easily located it and please your taste buds.

FAQs on Travel Books

1. When Should You Invest In A Travel Book?

Before you spend bucks first, do some research and find the most updated travel book written by a famous traveller. Select a book from a trusted company or rely on the account written by a native or expert traveller.

You can also download a softcopy of your book on your smartphone. In this modern digital era, smartphones are very handy, and ebooks are more in trend.

There are famous sites where you can read about great places and every detail. Every detail will be on your fingertips and one search to end your curiosity. These online sites are free to use.

Watching some great travel documentaries like the one presented by experts is also a rich source where you can acquire tonnes of information in a very short span of time.

The past and present is well documented and presents a great insight to the places you wish to explore. You might also encounter new places!

The real essence of a good book is that it captures the heart and mind of the reader by its simple words and leaves its footprint. Joy, tears, laughter and fear, everything can come to life just by reading a good book.

Now, purchase the book of your choice online. What we should keep in mind while buying a book online?

Always check for the latest edition, read the review of the quality of user experience and don’t forget to compare the prices of the travel book at different online portal like Amazon, Flipkart and Crossword. The guaranty of the product and the date of delivery are equally important.

2. When It Is Not Worth Buying A Travel Guide?

If you are a person who acts on your whims and fancy and like to travel to anyplace you first encounter after getting off the aeroplane then be spontaneous and don’t buy these guides. Sometimes we encounter things we have never assumed or planned.

Some may also find these guidebooks bulky. Hence they don’t want to carry them everywhere, as they may take a lot of space in their luggage. In that case, they should not buy a travel guide.

Lastly, these travel guides can sometimes go in-depth causing an information explosion. This can also compel some readers to avoid buying one.

3. Is Investing In Audiobooks A Good Move?

Well, this is a question of your choice and preferences. There are people who love to read every line and read them again to get a feel of the content and places mentioned in the travel books while, there are others who just like to run through the book.

Depending on your choice, you can make a purchase. But, amidst all this, there are people who want to listen to the book, and here comes the role of audiobooks. This is particularly beneficial for those who have reading issues. Audiobooks are also very helpful for students and kids.

You can find several audiobooks options like storytelling, travel books, journals, and other reading materials. However, when it comes to choosing audiobooks, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration like the audio should be clear; the voice of the narrator should engage and grip the attention and arouse the interest of the listeners.

It is very important that you must read the reviews and ratings of the audiobook before you make a purchase. Merely investing in a heavily priced book with poor audio quality is not recommended.

4. Should I Read The Book Online Or Buy A Hardcopy?

Again this is a matter of your choice, while some people are comfortable reading books online while others want to have a collection of the same.

Kindle is a popular platform where you will get all the books and other reading materials, but some people don’t find reading online a comfortable experience.

Irrespective of your choice, you must check the reviews before buying. Sometimes the content is not visible online, and in such a case, the money would be a total waste. Hence spend some time reading the review of the book and then spending the money on buying the same.

Spend In Good Travel Books To Learn About New Places And Enhance Your Experience

Reading is fun, intriguing and full of excitement. When travelling, you can pick some of these great treasures and make your journey memorable. While going through these books, they will bring back memories that you would have already experienced earlier.

Imagine a tranquil sea, yourself soaking in the sun of a golden beach, sipping your drink and reading your favourite book, what more you can ask for? Reading your favourite book fully immersed at your favourite place, or while riding a train or bus, can give you abundant joy.

A wonderful travel book can give you endless possibilities to use your imagination. It can stimulate your creativity and give you a new perspective to look at life. The best part you can carry a book everywhere.

The moment you pick a great travel book, it will take you to a new world, a new dimension, new situations. It will capture the feel and vibe of what it is to travel- the stories and beautiful sights, the breath-taking views and calmness.

Seeing another traveler reading a guidebook is also a good conversation starter. Don’t be shy and say hi! Exchange your travel tips and you might even learn about things not featured inside the book.

The success of a travel book depends on its potential to change life. The words of the book can travel distances it can help you to experience the spectrum of life, to create, inspire and dream.

A travel book contains valuable insights, quotes, and a lot of practical information that can come in handy in the walk of life. Sometimes you will transform completely while reading such a book. This journey of reading a book can help you perceive everything in a different way now and bring changes in you.

We have got these 15 best travel books for you that will not only be a perfect reading partner, but it will also give you a lot of information about a particular place you wish to travel.

Reading a book is the best way to make the most of your time. Make sure you invest in good travel books that can greatly enhance your experience.