Best Travel Games 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Boggle 2. Take ‘N’ Play 3. Connect4
Boggle Take 'N' Play Connect 4

We are leading a busy life where we have no free time for us. Job life or other responsibilities has swamped us with work, and we hardly take a pause. Not everyone, however, take notice of extensive traveling one has to make.

Long road trips and flying abroad can bore you to tears, journeying for several hours will not bring pleasure to anyone. The worst is when little children cry all the time during a family vacation. This lousy part can be turned into a joyful experience with accessories to carry with you during travel such as the best travel games.


If you believe technology has brought people closer who are miles away from us but made us apart from those who are near to us, then the best travel games are made for you. These games are meant to be played, especially while you are traveling with your dear ones.

The Importance Of The Best Travel Games

There are plenty of entertainment sources for people on trips. The advent of technology has provided people various entertainment options; everything is available at a click of the finger. Nothing poses a challenge to the popularity of music.

A music lover cannot imagine his or her phone without apps like Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, SoundCloud, and so on. You can stream online music from these reliable platforms based on your preferences.

Access to a wide range of music is available through genres, artists and albums. These categories have made a convenient form of entertainment for people on trips. Online and offline access to custom playlists or automatic recommendations available on such apps has transformed the field of music.

Gone are the days when people had to roam around with a paper and Walkman to surf through their favorite music, with new and advanced technology and improved facilities for music access, music continues to be one of the top forms of entertainment while on trips.

But there is a rise in other forms of entertainment as well. The more people become nature-conscious, the more they turn toward a natural way of entertainment.

It is safe to say everyone loves to travel, starting from kids, teens, middle-aged, and older people. It is in itself a great pleasure—a short period of respite and relaxation. Our daily lives have made us so busy that we barely find time for people we love and care about, or even for ourselves. But that time is crucial for us and for the relationships to stay healthy.

While most of the people are always on the run, some still manage to unwind themselves. Nothing gets better when you go for a vacation for a week or two. Only a handful of people, however, choose to travel alone. Solo travelers are mostly explorers or digital nomads, and travel bloggers who travel for professional purposes. The sheer passion of traveling and gaining knowledge makes them transform their passion into profession.

Let us take a look at the other forms of entertainment available to people:

1. Reading Books

Reading literature has always been a part of human culture. It is the best way to kill your time and get entertained through classic novels while traveling through a train or plane, or even in the hotel stay.

Let’s not say reading novels is the only thing people do while traveling or during idle time. One has a habit of reading magazines, newspapers, and Holy Scriptures, or even non-fiction. One will find a traveler reading any of such a book while journeying on planes and trains.

These days, however, many people have digitalized their reading habits. With the advancement of technology, our smartphones are well equipped to access unlimited online books, magazines, and newspapers.

It is a more convenient way; one does not have to carry a paperback or bunches of magazines in your luggage anymore. E-books and e-magazines have taken over the market. Dedicated software and devices like Kindle from Amazon have become immensely popular.

2. Movies And Web Series

What can be a better way to spend time while traveling than watching a movie or completing a web-series?

The entertainment industry has left no stone unturned to use modern technology in film-making. The VFX used in fantasy epic is more real than ever. Also, the advent of online streaming platforms has made our access to films and web-series easy and convenient, making them another common form of entertainment while traveling.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and several other renowned media production companies have entered into the world of online streaming providing great content suited for a wide range of ages and preferences of people. Laptops and mobile devices have full access to such apps and can be an excellent source of entertainment.

Movie fanatics can enjoy watching movies and web series while traveling since it is an attractive and enthralling form of entertainment.

Content for both kids and adults are available on the web. Kids can kill their time by turning on their favorite anime or cartoon show while on a trip. It is an excellent form of entertainment and has been very popular ever since the inception of such options.

3. Best Travel Games

If anyone tries to experience a unique form of entertainment while on long road trips and train journeys, then one must start looking for travel games.

Travel games have been in the market since the 18th century; people at that time used to play chess. Not only is chess a traditional game, but the development of technology has brought many classic new games, especially meant for people who want to avoid electronic gadgets and spend some fun time.

You will find various types of travel games available in the market with the tag of best travel games for all age ranges and preferences. On a family trip, especially the best travel games for both kids and adults, make your trip more fun-filled and exciting.

Hangman, Monopoly, Skull, Clue Finding, and various other types of travel games are available widely for a wide range of ages. Magnetic game boards are one of the best travel games, with multiple travel games having magnetic boards that are suitable while road trips and train journeys that involve considerable lurching.

Apart from these traditional games, there are other forms of personal entertainment that people choose. While some may spend time playing other interactive games, some spend time watching the scenes through the window.

Others decide to talk with each other, have fun by dancing or singing, along with reading, music, movies, many still looking for the best travel games available in the market.

For people who choose the best travel games as the primary form of entertainment while traveling, have to consider several factors associated with such games. Traveling means carrying luggage along with you.

Therefore checking a few points about the best travel games is essential in deciding which games are most suitable for your trip. The kind of trip you are taking, if it is with friends, or colleagues or family, would also actively influence the type of games you choose from the list of the best travel games in 2020.

Below, we have listed a few points which might be essential factors in choosing the best travel games for your next trip, be it with family, friends, or colleagues.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Travel Games For Your Trip

Traveling is an act of liberation when one has to go through hectic life daily. For most people, it works like healing therapy to their stressed mind, also one able to spend some quality time with friends and families. Let’s discuss the points in detail to highlight what types of games would be the best travel games for your trip, based on the factors.

On a journey, you will find a handful of travelers who choose to read; some will be listening to music, some study, and some watch movies. Travel is meant for relaxation, fun, and spending quality time with your near and dear ones.

Now, travelers, comprise of many types, some look forward to relief from the hustles of daily working lives. Some travel to unwind and spend time with loved ones; some people travel for the sake of fascination and passion for traveling. Avid travelers always want to explore new places, learn about local cultures, cuisines, and traditions.

One must consider a different form of engagement just to stand out from others. It is misconceptions of many people that are the only option for entertainment. A lot of people also choose travel games for some fun interaction while on a trip. Nothing can be better than this old school form of entertainment that has been selected by several people in small or large groups while on a trip.

The best travel games might also be a great form of entertainment, which will enhance your traveling experience to the next level. A game that entertains everyone can be an excellent choice for any trip.

Large groups of friends, colleagues, families, or even a group of strangers can effectively take part in the best travel games. But choosing these travel games is a challenging task because not everyone buys such games.

The best part of these games is, they are not limited to one person. Anyone can take part in it, which in return gives you an excellent chance to build a friendly interaction and build a relationship with the people who were previously strangers. The best travel games need to be chosen based on certain factors:

1. Game Size

The game size of the best travel games is the dimensions of the game components. Be it a card game, a board game, or dice game or anything else, the size of the game must be suitable to make it one of the best travel games for traveling purposes. Such games are compatible for long road trips or train and plane journeys.

While some board games are small in size, some occupy comparatively larger space with bigger dimensions and more components into the game. These games are widely available on several stores and online platforms, where they can be found at significant discounts and affordable prices.

A wide range of the best travel games are available for various age groups. Most of these games are aimed to become your traveling companion that comes in different sizes and designs to fit with the luggage comfortably.

2. Weight

The weight of the best travel games must also be considered. One needs to choose the most suitable one for a particular trip. A game that is too heavy might be unsuitable for being carried along with the luggage. A lightweight travel game might be the best option for traveling.

While the best travel games are available for kids, it is also available for adults. The weight of these games is designed and well-planned to make them suitable for traveling purposes. Lightweight and the best travel games of a wide variety are available in the online and offline or physical market.

Lightweight travel games might be board games, card games, or dice games or of any other kind. Their variety can be easily found, compared, and chosen on several platforms online and also in various physical stores that stock such items.

3. Portability

The best travel games are primarily designed to be portable and suitable for traveling purposes. One should ensure the portability of travel games. These travel games are board games with magnetic design.

You must look at these considerations as journeys are usually associated with bumps on the road and little to extensive lurching that might completely spoil the game if the game is not designed expertly.

When it comes to finding portable and suitable best travel games in the market, several online stores that offer such products at affordable rates is the most popular and preferred option. Portability of any kind of travel game, how well it can be carried, how durable it is, and if it can cause any dangers or not, must be considered.

The best travel games are designed to suit the act of traveling or long journeys, be it on the road, on a train, or a plane. The design plays a crucial role in such environments because it is made with the mobility factor.

The portability of travel games is one of the most essential, if not the primary factor, that need to be considered while choosing the best travel games for your next trip. A portable and suitable travel game can turn the journey into a memorable and more enjoyable event.

4. Age Group

Traveling is loved by everyone. It can be a solo trip, a couples’ getaway, a family vacation, or even an office tour or a casual trip with friends or colleagues. It might as well be a journey with a tour agency that consists of unknown members. No one can say what would be the ages of the people taking a trip.

The best travel games have, therefore, been made for all age groups. While there are games for kids, there are also games for teenagers and adults. A potential buyer can find different types of travel games available in the market. To choose the right kind of travel games, you need to consider the ages of the people traveling with you.

You might also need to carry two different games for two different age groups. One might be for the kids or teenagers on the journey, while the other might be meant for the adults taking the trip. Best travel games for kids and adults are categorized in most stores and online places, making the choice of them from the categories easier and faster.

When it comes to choosing travel games for kids and adults, different options in the variety of board games, card games, and dice games can be found along with several other types of travel games for people of all age categories.

5. Your Companions

Along with age, you might also need to consider the preferences of your travel companions. It is possible in many cases that a larger group would want board games, and others might prefer card games or something else.

In such cases, different arrangements need to be made for the different preferences within the group. In such cases, the best travel games must be chosen based on the choices of the group members and their majority. Multiple games might also be necessary for two or three different sub-groups within a large team.

Best travel games of various types are available in the market for adults and kids with different preferences. Their choices or preferences must be kept in mind while choosing the best travel games from the wide range of variety available on a store, be it offline or online.

Finding a good travel game might be stressful, but it will make your journey an enjoyable experience. Therefore, choosing the best of anything requires specific considerations and knowledge on the field. Best travel games are no exception to the fact. The best travel games for your next trip need to be carefully done through the considerations mentioned above.

A good travel game can be an excellent medium of interaction while also being a unique form of entertainment and a way to have fun. It does not matter what age group the travelers fall into, or what their preferences in travel games are; these are available for people of all ages and with different choices.

It has been a traditional way to spend time and has been a consistent form of entertainment for people going on long journeys through any medium of transport.

Traveling takes a lot of investment of time and money. Let’s not forget about those people who have to visit different places because of their job. Not everyone travels to make a living or becoming a digital nomad. It has hard to find if anyone travels just to explore new places, cultures and gain knowledge about them.

To make the job easier for you, we have a list of the best travel games here. This list of the top 15 best travel games would help you choose one or more suitable travel games for your next trip, be it with family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

This list of the top 15 Best Travel Games will provide you every combination of the top travel games meant for various age groups. Whether it is a short trip or an extended vacation, whether it is a family trip, or a school reunion, or a simple tour with colleagues, we have devised this list to meet all your requirements with the best products available in the market.

In this list, you will find the best travel games that you can choose from for your next or upcoming trip, making the whole selection process easier and seamless for you. Take a look at the list and find the best travel game most suited for you and your companions on the journey, and have a fun and memorable experience on the go.

Top 15 Best Travel Games 2022

1. Boggle

Boggle Best Travel Game

The classic status to hard to find, but this game has got everything. It is one of the oldest and best travel games that has been invented and continues to be a popular word game for people who travel daily. This quick classic word game has a distinctive characteristic, which is still loved by the players.

The new Boggle Classic comes with a newly designed durable plastic case making it very suitable to carry while traveling. This game is a suitable choice for small groups where players can involve in head to head competition with each other.

How To Play

The game is pretty straightforward; you have one primary motive that is hunting down the words. Primarily being a word game, players are pitted against each other, and the one who finds the most words wins the game. The letters are mixed inside the plastic case by shaking.

The player has to find search most words in the given time. The one finding the higher number of words is the winner. It can also be played solo, duo, or in groups of more people. Each player gets 90 seconds to find out and write down the most number of words they can see on the grid.

If two or more players find the same word, it is not taken into account. After each round, the words are scored, and the one with the highest score after the game wins.

The dimensions of this game are 2 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches, and it has a weight of just 0.8 ounces and is a suitable game for people aged between 8 years to 99 years. It is thus one of the most suitable choices for people taking a trip, be it a large or a small group, family or friends.


  • Lightweight.
  • Simple and engaging.
  • It suits various ages of people.


  • Not suitable for kids under three years (Choking hazard).

2. Take ‘N’ Play

Take 'N' Play

One of the most popular travel games for kids is the Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere – Hangman, the honor has been over the years. The game features big magnetic playing pieces. The game has a tagline that says, “easy for kids to use and hard for kids to lose.”

The package includes 62 magnetic letters, eight blank magnets, 6 Hangman Body Parts, 2 Scoring Markers, a Magnetic Game Board, and Rules.

The 6.75″ tin case is easy to carry and weighs only 0.8 ounces, and the dimensions are 6.8 x 6.8 x 0.9 inches, making the game one of the most suitable and best travel games that keep kids entertained on a trip. The tin case makes it extremely convenient and easy to carry on a road trip or journey on a train along with other luggage.

You will find this game has magnetic letters as well as the parts of characters, making the game an excellent choice while on the go. Be it on a train or a road trip, if you have kids with you whom you want to engage in a fun and creative activity, Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere – Hangman is one of the best travel games for kids between the age of 5 years to 14 years of age.


  • Magnetic.
  • Small size.
  • Portable.


  • The slight chemical odor from the foam and hangman pack may be perceived.

3. Connect 4

Connect 4

Grab and go is the compact mobile version of the Connect 4 game. It is one of the most popular games played by two players where each player gets 21 checker pieces and a chance to get 4 in a row. The storage of the pieces is easy with an all-in-one playing grid where the checkers can be stored in the columns and fold-up trays on the playing grid.

The dimensions of the game are 1.9 x 6.3 x 9.2 inches, and the excellent packing facility makes for a convenient travel game for kids above the age of 8 years. It is a game of mainly two players, and it involves blocking each other’s attempts to connect with the checkers.

The best part is Connect 4 Grab and Go Game weighs only 7 ounces, which is why many hail it as one of the best travel games. You will find it extremely convenient to carry and an excellent game for kids above the age of 8 years.


  • The package is convenient to carry.
  • Portable.
  • Engaging.


  • Two players can play at a time.

4. Games On The Go

Games On The Go

Continuum Games have brought you a unique traveling game when you are at a family reunion or waiting for public transport. You will get fifty games in one single product; even the latest gadget can offer such variety. Games On The Go will be a fun thing to do when you are your companions or family.

This small little bundle of cards is the best travel game. Despite its size, you get to play multiple games such as counting numbers, speculating names, word games, memory difficulties, random data, and guessing games. All of these are available in this little heap of the cards.

If you are planning for a long vacation with your family, then this game will give you an extraordinary experience. One can never get enough of an assortment of 50 games and exercises that can be played anytime.

These games assortment incorporates senseless speculating games, puzzling word games, mind-blowing memory challenges, wacky random data questions, looking through games, and a whole lot more.

The best part is, you can this game pack in a handbag or place it in the vehicle. You can take it out to play during supper, at a gathering, or on trips.


5. Jamswall


A potential buyer will be amazed to know that JAMSWALL Retro Handheld Game Console is providing the buyers with 400 Games. All of these are the best travel arcade retro games: Logic and Math, Sports, Puzzle, Arcade, Shooting, Action, Racing, Fighting games, Strategy, Adventure, and Card games. You will also find many more satisfying games to have a whale of your time.

The console features a vivid LCD screen and supports AV yield; this aspect will not just give you a top-notch picture and gaming experience, but make you nostalgic with classic games of the past. The games will make you peaceful and happy—the thin structure of this console will be easy to carry anywhere.


6. The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow

The Hangman never disappoints when it comes to the best-prepackaged travel game that can be played at anyplace. One can simply open up the box and have a whale of their time for long hours without getting bored. You will find a fantastic game called Purple Dairy Animals, which is an attractive executioner game that is made for children as well as grown-ups.

Even if you do not like to play games during traveling, you can keep your children busy for a long time. Or maybe sleep through your journey. But if you hate long journeys, then you would be amazed by how much hours you would spend playing this game.

The following aspects will entice your mind to buy this game.

A Good Time For All

You can give cool vehicle games for your children or grandchildren. Children love games such as checkers, backgammon, chess, snakes and stepping stools, warship, and bingo. These games are only the tip of the iceberg.


Some games are smaller than standard games or exercises; you will get little thin 7.6&Rdquo; tin case, the ideal size to slip into your tote or backpack. Take these enjoyable travel games with you anyplace.

Long Journeys Become Enjoyable

You can play with others, or without anyone, only a portion of the movement packs from The Purple Cow incorporate Sudoku, peg solitaire, Tangram, reversi, dominoes, and Chinese checkers.

What’s Inside

The small scale attractive Hangman incorporates all that you should play the great game, a tin case that serves as the game board with the principles and guidelines on the back.


7. Rummikub


Rummikub is one of the world’s top-rated manufacturers of the best travel games. It is no surprise that you will come across the products by Rummikub now and then. In a nutshell, this tile-based game has all the components that make it an incredible purchase.

One can learn it by watching some online tutorials. The more you play, the more diverse you will find it each time you play it. The game features karma and technique, and it changes rapidly. Hence, every player gets an opportunity to win until the end.

This Rummikub set incorporates one canvas sack and similar full-size racks (4) and tiles (106 excellent plastic tiles) as the boxed game, just as outlined guidelines. For 2-4 players, ages eight and up. It is safe to call it the best travel game.


8. Tangram


If you love wracking your brain, this game will come in handy all the time. This game features 176 riddles; every puzzle has an answer to discover. Your brain will be provided with diverse levels of games; this game is an incredible option to practice your intellectual prowess and build up focus on your kid’s observation or imagination.

Tangram games will make you or your children aware of different geometric shapes, cognition, and color. It is an extraordinary method to get the children from utilizing the tablet, but still, it will make them feel bored.


9. Clue


Most of the card games are related to business, but this one will make you feel like Sherlock Holmes. If you love detective games, then hurry and get this Clue Grab and Go Game, which is an adaptation of the classic Clue game. In this game, you can host an extravagant party and find clues where criminals are and what weapon they use.

This game board is filled with mystery sections to explorer, and make you feel like a super sleuth. You can monitor the signs in your Detective Notebook and unravel the case. When the case is understood, you can store all the cards and parts in the board game unit. Do not wait and buy this game right away and unravel all of the suspense.


10. Travel Sequence

Travel Sequence

This game is similar to the previous one. In this game, you can throw a party and find clues where criminals are and what weapon they use. This game board is filled with mysteries, which make you feel like Sherlock Holmes.

This game features a gameboard. You will get six moves, six guest cards, six weapon tokens, six weapon cards, nine-room cards, two dice, a detective notebook, and an instruction manual on how to play. It may seem complicated, but once you learn to play it, you can unravel all of the suspense in no time that this game has in it.


11. On-The-Go


Sometimes waiting can be the worst experience, especially when you are waiting for public transport which is delayed by hours. You of all the people can keep things enjoyable for you if you buy this game, Knock On-the-Go GamePads. This device is a bundle of joy filled with fun exercises for young and old; it is a paper pad game that will have you get rid of boredom while waiting. All you need is a pencil to play this game.

The fun is guaranteed because this game is an award winner in the category of intelligent books and paper items, which was held in Venice, CA.


12. Big Mo’s Toys

Big Mo's Toys

Large Mo’s Toys is the leading brand that provides you excellent games, toys, favors, curiosities, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The best part is these games are non-dangerous for children.

If you are a parent and your child is too stubborn to stay quiet, then Big Mo’s Toys Magnetic will be the best travel game, it is something you will need all the time when you travel. This game will keep your kids engaged in a long journey. The best part is that if your kid can finish one game, he or she can move on to the other game.

The manufacturer is providing you with 12 different games, such as Road Trip, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Tic Tac Toe, Snake and Ladders, Nine Men Morris, Auto Racing, Ludo, Space Venture, Backgammon, and Solitaire. All of them are attractive; you just need to take care of all the small pieces and make sure you do not misplace them.

You can rely on this manufacturer; you will be amazed to know that Big Mo’s Toys live by a motto: “The children come first.”


13. Srenta 5″

Srenta 5"

Do you live a life that makes you travel all of the time? Sometimes, little kids are hard to handle during a long journey. But you can keep your little ones busy with this Magnetic Fun Board Game Set.

You will get 12 foldable table games that your kid can play with, he or she can pick whatever game that grab’s his or her attention. The thing is games like this make your children feel confident about themselves; it boosts their self-esteem so that they can become winners in the future.

These games will make your journey enjoyable if your kids do not keep quiet throughout the trip. These enjoyment games are must-have children’s toys for any family excursion. Nothing else can keep the children occupied better than these incredible games.


  • All games are foldable so that you can fit them into a bag.
  • You get guidelines imprinted on each crate for comprehension.
  • Great instructive games that help kids develop skills in methodology and deep thinking.
  • Not only kids, but anyone can improve critical thinking and intellectual aptitudes with these games.
  • You will get an attractive tabletop games sets are comprised of premium quality materials.
  • Even young men and young ladies of any age can have a whale of a time with this game.

Bundle Details

  • 12 pack SANTA Mini Magnetic Board Games Set.


  • Sold in a printed box.
  • Wide range of games.
  • Groupings may shift.
  • Twelve pieces for each unit.


  • Incredible when you are voyaging.
  • It is fun to play, and attractive table games charming for children and grown-ups to play.

14. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito

The makers of this game hail Throw Throw Burrito as the world’s first dodgeball game. You may have played dodgeball game, but this one features cards.

In this game, you will get hold of 120 cards, seven tokens, and two Burritos. The best thing is over two to six players can participate in this game. The gameplay is pretty similar to the usual dodgeball game, but the Burritos spice up the game to the next level.

How It Functions

  • You have to place a couple of Burritos on a table and draw cards. Make sure that your opponents do not know about your cards. You have to discover sets of three cards throughout the game. You have to do this before the opponent finds his set.
  • Most of the time, when somebody plays Burrito cards, a fight follows. During the battle, you have hit your adversaries with squishy Burritos.

When you do this, you declare war on your opponents. A few fights just include a bunch of players, but big battles need more players. The more player you have, the more powerful you become. During a burrito duel, two players must remain in their place; they can walk three paces to fire. One who ends up having more cards win the game.


15. Travel Blurt

Travel Blurt

As the name suggests, this game is meant for those who want to improve their vocabulary or knowledge. It is safe to say those who love to flaunt to their knowledge will enjoy this game. The game needs at least three players; you will get 75 cards with various word hints.

The player has to guess the description of a word hint each card has, and blurt out the answer before the opponent could do. The best part is you do not get negative points for guessing the word incorrectly. One who figures out words the most win the game.

You will get a scoreboard to make down every point you get. The thing is you cannot find other games as rapid as this; it is like playing a rapid-fire round of questions. The more you play, the more your mental skills shot up. You will gain skills like quick thinking, enhanced vocabulary, sportsmanship, and social skills.


FAQs on Travel Games

1. What Are The Best Travel Games For A Short Trip?

The best travel games for a short trip or a lengthy vacation are listed above. You can hardly find any better games than we have mentioned in the list of 15 best travel games for a wide range of people of various ages and preferences.

2. Are These Travel Games Safe For Children?

Some travel games are meant for children of various ages. While some have labeled warnings about choking hazards for children below the age of 3 years, there are a lot of travel games manufactured for children keeping their safety on the mind.

3. Are There Games For Large Groups?

There are the best travel games available for groups of all sizes.

4. What Are The Best Travel Games For Adults?

The best travel games for adults are widely available. The word games are meant for adults as they can increase their vocabulary or grip on the language.

Best Travel Games – Your choice?

Before you make a purchase, take your time to consider every aspect we have laid down. It is always wise to make an informed choice instead of any hasty one. Patience is a virtue to get the best product.

No matter if you are an avid traveler or person who has to travel every day as a part of your job. The journey, however, will no longer be a downer if you try out the games we have mentioned. With the best travel games, journeying can become a fun experience. Say bye-bye to boredom and make these games your favorite traveling companion.