Best Travel Hair Dryers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Revlon 2. Conair 3. BabyBliss Pro
Revlon Best Travel Hair Dryer Conair 1600 BaByliss Pro BABTT053T 

Women going on business or personal trips usually need to pack a lot of luggage, which includes all their makeup essentials, shoes, different outfits, etc. No matter how much luggage they have and how full their bag, the one essential accessory that they don’t like missing out on is their hair dryer.

The best travel hair dryer is much more than just a fashion accessory and something that women need to ensure they step out in style, looking good and gorgeous wherever they are, be it on a business trip or a holiday with their family.


Small compact hair dryers are also a good accessory to carry for short overnight trips with friends and family.

A good quality hair dryer helps you dry your hair quickly and also style it the way you want, within a few minutes making them a must have travel companion.

Why Is It Important To Carry Your Own Hair Dryer Important During Travel?

One of the important reasons for carrying your hair dryer on your trips is that you can never be sure about the availability of the hair dryer wherever you are going or the quality of the hair dryer available in the hotel.

Since a hair dryer helps you dry your hair easily and style it the way you want, being without one during your trip may cause a lot of inconvenience to you.

Not being familiar with the hair dryer model available in the hotel and its features is another good reason to carry your hair dryer, since you will feel stranded if you cannot use it. Taking your hair dryer means you are familiar with its operations and comfortable in using it.

Selecting the best travel hair dryers is difficult and one needs to consider its features and different benefits before deciding on one which is best suited for you. To help you decide and know about the different hair dryers available in the market, we have put together a list for your easy reference.

Top 10 Best Travel Hair Dryers 2022

1. Revlon

Revlon Best Travel Hair Dryer

Travel in style and keep your hair in-style too, with this sleekly designed hair dryer by Revlon. With over 5,500 positive reviews on Amazon, this is one of the most popular and best-selling hair dryers on Amazon.

Go for it, if you are a looking for a compact and lightweight dryer that you can easily carry in your travel bag on a business or pleasure trip.

It comes with 2 heat & speed settings, which give you a quick and fast dry, along with the control and flexibility required to style your hair neatly and fashionably.

A well placed cold shot button releases cold air to help you set the look that will make you look amazing and also hold the look for a longer time. It’s the perfect fashion accessory to carry along when you need to step your best foot forward.


  • Removable end cap for easy use.
  • Dual voltage adapter, so you can comfortably use it anywhere in the world on your travels.
  • Foldable handle for easy storage.


  • May heat a little while use.

2. Conair 1600

Conair 1600

If you are looking for a compact and stylish looking hairstyle dryer that you can carry with you easily, then this sleekly designed hair dryer by Conair should be one model you should consider.

With over 3,000 positive ratings on Amazon and the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” tag, many customers have tried and tested this hair dryer before they gave it positive reviews.

At 1600W, this hair dryer has enough power to easily dry and style your hair, wherever you take it with you. It’s well designed foldable handle is a big plus, as it helps you easily fold the hair dryer and carry it in your travel bag or luggage.

This hair dryer has two heat/speed settings so you can select the setting best suited for you, depending on your hair whether it is thin or thick.


  • Foldable design helps you pack it easily.
  • Quick, fast-drying action for those moments when you are in a hurry.
  • It has a dual voltage feature.
  • Works for all hair styles.


  • The power cord could be longer.

3. BaByliss Pro BABTT053T 

BaByliss Pro BABTT053T 

BaByliss the world leader in hair styling tools, it is a well-known brand in the niche of professional styling tools. It presents a hair dryer that is perfect as your travel companion, for those moments when you need to step out in style with perfectly styled hair or just sport a casual smart hairstyle.

An “Amazon’s Choice” product, this well-designed hair dryer that comes in a stylish red color has received over 2,500 positive ratings.

This hair dryer sports the BaByliss indigenously developed Tourmaline Titanium technology which releases millions of ions that give your hair a brighter and longer lasting shine.

It also has an incredible 1900 watts of power that will meet all your hair styling needs. The unique far-infrared heat that this dryer generates also helps your hair dry faster, so you can use it conveniently when you are in a hurry.


  • Professional salon build and quality.
  • Multiple settings to suit all hair types.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy and convenient to carry on your travels.


  • No removable filter.

4. Revlon 1875

Revlon 1875

A stylishly designed hair dryer, that has a handy folding handle design so you can carry it easily on your travels. It’s so compact that it will easily fit into your travel bag and even your gym bag.

Customers who have used this product have given it over 2,000 positive ratings on Amazon, where it featured as an “Amazon’s Choice” product.

This hair dryer also has Revlon’s Ionic technology, which releases negative ions that saturate the airflow, resulting in smaller water droplets, reducing frizz. It also has 3x ceramic coating that evenly distributes the heat over your hair, helping prevent hair damage.

The cool shot button is a great addition as it helps you fix the hairstyle you want. It also comes with a smoothing concentrator attachment.


  • Hanging ring for easy storage.
  • Anti-slip bumpers.
  • Removable end cap.
  • It has a dual voltage feature.
  • Foldable and light weighted.


  • Needs a longer power cord.

5. Conair 1875

Conair 1875

A powerful and impressive looking hair styling dryer for women who are looking for a compact but powerful hair dryer, that they can easily carry with them on their trips.

Designed and built by Conair, well known for their quality of its hair styling accessories, this hair dryer has received over 1500 positive reviews on Amazon.

An “Amazon’s Choice” product this hair dryer is easily foldable so you can pack it conveniently pack it within your bag, along with your other styling accessories. The 1875 Watt hair dryer is powerful enough to quickly dry your hair completely and has two different heat/speed settings to suit all hair types.

They place the cool shot button for your convenience so you can use it to lock your hairstyle after it gets completed. The dual voltage function makes this hair dryer a must carry on fashion accessory on your international trips so you are never feel stranded without one.


  • We can carry it conveniently because of its compact design.
  • 2 Personalized settings that suit all hair types.


  • The power cord at 5 ft is short for convenient usage of the hair dryer.

6. BaByliss Pro BABNT053T

BaBylissPro BABNT053T

This Nano Titanium Hair Dryer by BaByliss, a world-renowned beauty styling accessories supplier. At 1000 watts, this compact and sleek looking hair dryer is perfect to meet all your styling needs when you are traveling and need a quick hair drying and styling solution.

It sports the latest Nano Titanium and Ionic technology developed by BaByliss, to help your hair dry faster with no frizz.

The folding handle of this hair dryer makes it very compact so you can easily pack it in your bag without it taking much space. It is also an ultra-lightweight design, so it will not add to the overall weight of your luggage.

BaByliss has designed this model to be a dual-voltage model so you can conveniently use it on your international trips without worrying about voltage suitability.


  • Portable design built for travel.
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • Small size may not be easy to handle for all.

7. BaByliss Pro BABNT5510

BaByliss Pro BABNT5510

Enjoy the power of a full-sized hair dryer, in this superbly designed small & compact hair dryer by BaByliss. This amazing hair dryer features the latest Nano Titanium technology to distribute the heat evenly while drying & styling your hair to prevent it from damage.

This sleek & stylish looking hair dryer is also the perfect companion for your travel trips since it is ultra-light. Its foldable handle features, helps you pack it easily and carry it in your travel bag, conveniently without taking much space. High-end features like dual-voltage operations and 2-speed settings put it on a par with all top-end models available in the market.

If you are looking for a quick hair drying solution and a hair dryer that can help you style yourself easily, then this is one of the best travel hair dryers that you should consider.


  • Distributes heat all around your hair, for better and quicker styling.
  • Travel-friendly body & construction.


  • Just 1000W of power.

8. Immoso


No more worries about the availability of a hair dryer or its quality on your business or personal trips since this compact & lightweight Berta hair dryer by IMMOSO is easy to carry and ready for use whenever you need it.

With 1875W of power, this hair dryer is perfect for those looking for a professional quality hair dryer that can help them style their hair easily be it short, long or curly. Easily sport the hairstyle you love, with its twin heat/speed settings that offer a speedy and perfect resolution to drying your hair and styling it.

The hair dryer also has a dual voltage feature, so you can carry it along on your overseas trips comfortably with no worries about you being able to operate it there.


  • Professional quality high power dryer for effective results.
  • The foldable feature makes it perfect for travel.


  • The power cord is shorter than required.

9. Brightup


Relax and be stress free on your travels, as you pack this powerful 1600W hair dryer in your bag for conveniently drying and styling your hair wherever you go.

This innovatively designed hair dryer releases ions that nourish your hair till its roots and also helps repair any hair scales. Thanks to the ion technology, you can smooth unwanted frizz and also get great looking, shiny hair.

3 individual settings, including the cool button, help you style your hair for the perfect look be it a formal event or just a casual dinner. It also has a well-designed U-shaped wire that distributes heat evenly around your hair, while keeping the temperature constant. This helps in faster drying & styling of your hair.


  • Sleek foldable design.
  • Lightweight & compact for easy packing convenience.


  • The cord could be longer.

10. Aike 3-In-1

Aike 3-In-1

Keep your Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and all its accessories conveniently in one place, with this uniquely designed 3-in-1 stand that is perfect as a hair dryer stand, diffuser stand & nozzle holder. This stand lets you store your Dyson hair dryer in a convenient 45-degree angle for easy usage while styling and drying your hair.

This stylish looking dock has a very subtle finish, and they have made it of polished premium aluminum alloy. It also has oleophobic coating along with anti-corrosion treatment that gives it a very solid look and smooth surface.

Your hair dryer also remains stable and firm in this stand, thanks to the in-built magnetic absorption placement feature incorporated in this stand.


  • Strong & sturdy design.
  • It helps you store your nozzle & diffuser conveniently in one place.


  • Expensive.

Top Factors For Selecting The Best Travel Hair Dryers

Since a hair dryer is one of the most important travel accessories that you are planning to carry on your trips, you need to make sure that the model you are planning to buy and carry meets all your requirements.

It should also be suitable enough to carry in your luggage with no hassles. While selecting one from the best travel hair dryers to buy, consider the following factors.

1. It’s Size & Weight

A compact size hair dryer will be easily packable and convenient to carry along on your trips, especially when you have a lot of other stuff to pack and take with you. Look for an easily foldable model, so it does not take too much space and you can easily place them in one corner of your luggage.

Another important factor, carefully consider its weight. This is primarily for two reasons, one being lightweight will make it easier for you to handle it and style your hair. Second, it will not add too much weight to your luggage, making your bag easy to carry and handle, especially on long trips when you need to pack in a lot of stuff.

Some of the best brands of hair dryers consider both these points while designing their hair dryer, making them perfectly suitable for you.

2. It’s Power & Settings

The higher the power, the better its heat & air output, which helps you dry and style your hair much faster as compared to low power models. Most of the hair dryers come in power wattages from 1000W to 1900W, to give you a professional salon type experience while styling your hair. The latest hair dryers also have a power cool feature that helps you lock your hairstyle in place.

Look for a model that has at least 2 heat/speed settings so you can adjust the same as per your hair pattern and the styling you want. Twin speeds give you the flexibility to switch between both modes for a comfortable and easy hair drying and styling experience.

3. Other Features

Look for the best travel blow dryer that is also foldable, so it does not take up too much space in your luggage. A long power cord, removable attachments, and an easy grip handle are some other features that you should look for in a hair dryer.

Another great and important feature to have in a hair dryer is the dual voltage function that will help you use it easily in other countries too.

Some hair dryers also have ion technology, which helps in drying & styling your hair better, while spreading the heat evenly across your hair.

No matter which model or design of the hair dryer you select, make sure you are comfortable holding and using it for extended periods and frequently. It should also be durable enough to give you a long lasting performance during all your travels and even in daily use.

Like all products, they don’t make all hair dryers equal and have different features that distinguish themselves from other. While some may be very stylish looking and compact, others may have very high end and saloon style features to offer you a saloon type experienced while drying and styling your hair. Just make sure you look for one that fits your requirements and budget.

FAQs on Travel Hair Dryers

1. Why Is The Dual Voltage Feature Important?

Some countries use different voltage settings for home and personal appliances, for which your hair dryer may not work in that country. A dual voltage hair dryer will help you overcome this problem and work efficiently in other countries too.

2. What Should Be The Biggest Consideration, While Considering A Hair Dryer For Overseas Use?

Compact size and lightweight design should be the important factors you should consider while considering a hair dryer for overseas use, along with dual voltage operating capability.

3. How Much Should Be The Power Output Of The Hair Dryer?

Standard quality hair dryers good for personal use are generally in the range of 1000 – 1500 Watts, while high-end and professional models have a power of 1500+ watts.

4. Are Foldable Design Hair Dryers Good?

Yes. They offer the same features of other hair dryers, with the key difference being they are foldable, which makes them easy to pack in your luggage.

Go For The Best Travel Blow Dryer On Your Holidays And Business Trips

Look gorgeous and stylish, when on your overseas trips with well-styled hair, that you can easily do yourself with a hair dryer. Convenient and easy to use on your own, hair dryers can help you dry and style your hair within minutes, for a perfect look every time you step out. Selecting the best travel hair dryer is easy once you are aware of the models available in the market and their important features.

Our guide helps you identify the different types of hair dryers available in the market and how they could be beneficial for you so you can purchase the one best suited for you easily and enjoy its services for many years to come.