Best Travel Makeup Bags 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Relavel 2. Boacay 3. Bagsmart
Relavel Best Travel Makeup Bag Boacay Bagsmart

Women love to travel with their makeup kits, and why not? After all, they want to look their very best and carry all the beauty essentials they need as they travel. 

However, it is not uncommon to hear about some horror stories about leaks or spills when they pack their favorite beauty products in the makeup bag.

Well, clearly, they made the mistake of not picking the best travel makeup bag for their beauty products.Travel makeup bags  are among must have travel accessories


If you are among those countless women searching for that perfect makeup bag for travel, you are in luck! On this page, you will not only find a comprehensive guide on what to look for in the best travel cosmetic bag but will also learn about some of the most popular and in-demand makeup bags among women who travel frequently.

Here is the list of the top-quality makeup bags that are recommended not just by the customers but by the notable makeup artists. These bags are loved for their stylish looks, great quality as well as preferred storage techniques.

Top 10 Best Travel Makeup Bags 2022

1. Relavel

Relavel Best Travel Makeup Bag

This travel make-up bag is made of premium material. The Relavel travel makeup bag is a high-quality bag that is flexible and offers plenty of storage. It gives you ample space to store your makeup brushes, makeup palettes, skincare products, hairbrushes, nail polish, shampoo, and so on. With no rigid corners, the makeup bag votes with adjustable compartments where you can store your makeup tools neatly.

The portable and lightweight design that is waterproof as well as shockproof is what makes this a perfect travel makeup case. Go ahead and take the multifunctional makeup bag with you and store not just your cosmetics, but also jewelry, toiletries, electronic accessories, and other valuable objects. The buyers definitely recommend the purchase.


  • Perfect travel makeup bag
  • Portable and lightweight
  • High-quality Oxford fabric with nylon lining
  • Special design adjustable compartments
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Two-way zipper
  • Best investment
  • Rave reviews


  • Bit small for everyday storage

2. Boacay


Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this best travel makeup bag that is indeed exclusive when it comes to the features and functionalities. With smoothly gliding metal zippers, the makeup bag is made of top-quality materials and free of any smelly ode ours.

The double-sewn handles & seams ensure extra durability & safety while traveling. It can be a perfect gift as the make-up bag works for both men and women!

The design simply maximizes the storage space, and you can easily hang it anywhere, thanks to the sturdy metal hook. As the bag is waterproof and washing resistant, it is a strong and durable product. This is indexed going to be the best toiletry bag you have ever used.


  • Multifunctional bag with a unique design
  • Useful for both men and women
  • Higher durability & safety
  • No smell of chemicals
  • Waterproof and washing resistant
  • Amazing customer service


  • Carries a cheap look

3. Bagsmart


With a generous size and special design, the travel bag with a hanging hook is perfect for stacking up your palettes and bottles. With four separate compartments and an open pocket at the back, it means you can look forward to more space and better organization for your makeup kits during the travel.

Made of water-resistant polyester and carrying a well-padded design, the bag is soft to touch and sturdy in make. There are special design features like elastic straps, double zippers, and transparent sides for easy storage and a clear overview of the contents. The convenient design comes with a swivel non-slip metal hook that makes for handy hanging options.


  • Great design with generous space
  • Compact and stylish
  • 4 separate compartments
  • Two-way zipper closure
  • special design features
  • metal hook for versatile hanging
  • Easy grab-and go handle


  • Material is regular fabric
  • The Outside pocket is loose
  • The lighter color makes it prone to dust and dirt

4. Professional Travel Makeup Bag by MONSTINA

This portable travel makeup bag, a product of MONSTINA, is sure to keep everything well-organized for you. It comes with different compartments, which gives you enough storage space to store your makeup accessories.

You can easily store things like hairbrushes, makeup brush, skincare products, shampoo, lipstick, eye shadow, and even jewelry, toiletry, and other travel accessories.

You will love the lightweight & easy to carry bag that comes with separable sections to keep all the items tidy and orderly. The premium quality product comes with excellent workmanship and is easy to clean. It is a wonderful gift idea for family, friends.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • With premium-quality products
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Big enough to carry essentials
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Great quality at a resonable price


  • Zipper could be of better quality


5. NiceEbag


Another of the best travel makeup bag is the NiceEbag bag that fits in all your need for your beauty needs during the travel. The very elegant looking travel makeup bag is made of high-quality PU leather.

It is water-resistant and easy to clean. You get great protection because of the padded top cover and bottom, and the dual zipper allows wide access.

The large capacity interior is divided into seven compartments to hold your cosmetics, jewelry, and digital accessories. The multifunctional & practical makeup bag is simply ideal for travel and a perfect choice as a gift.


  • High quality and durable
  • Multifunctional & practical
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Water-resistant
  • Dual zipper for wide access
  • Easy to clean and easy access


  • Initially, you will get a strong vinyl smell

6. Kootek


Kootek cosmetic bag is indeed one of the best travel makeups in the market. Apart from providing ample storage space, the cosmetic bag with double layers boasts of multiple adjustable compartments where you can store your favorite products. The smart design with padded dividers and internal compartments allow you to organize different items without shifting places.

The adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry and store while you are traveling. Now you can easily lift or hang the cosmetic bag and ensure that the cosmetics remain well organized and safe as you travel.


  • Double layered cosmetic bag
  • Multiple adjustable compartments
  • Detachable mirror
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • A perfect and useful gift


  • Small in size

7. Bag&Carry


The toiletry travel bag for women is just perfect and highly recommended because of its compact size and portable design. The travel-friendly cosmetic organizer allows you to pack in your favorite products while you travel. Other features include multiple zips and clear pockets that make it easy to see and to take the large-sized hanging travel makeup bag.

The practical makeup bag boasts of three large transparent zippered compartments, top zip closure, front big size zippered pocket, and comfortable top handles. The practical and versatile cosmetic organizer can carry a lot of additional items. The bag is sure to match all your expectations with its sturdy exterior and waterproof nylon lining on the inside.


  • Large size hanging travel makeup bag
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Multiple zippered
  • Clear pockets
  • Well-made and durable
  • Made of high-quality polyester


  • Material quality could be improved

8. Kootek Flower

Kootek Flower

If you are looking for a spacious and well-organized cosmetic bag, then you must check the Kootek cosmetic bag with double layers and with plenty of space to fit all your beauty essentials.

The travel cosmetic bag is quite roomy to hold your makeup, brushes, and full-sized bottles. The smart design boasts of several adjustable dividers and is easy and great to use when packing and traveling.

The premium oxford fabric material of the bag gives it additional durability. It is easy to clean and comes with a detachable mirror that makes it extremely convenient for you to make up.

Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, you can easily carry the bag. With sturdy make and use of quality material, you need not worry about damaged cosmetics anymore.


  • Premium oxford fabric material
  • Several adjustable dividers
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable mirror
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Multipurpose storage


  • Carries a slight smell

9. LKE


The sleek-looking cosmetic bag with special marble design on the exterior is very popular among the customers. Seen as one of the best travel makeup bags, the most popular element of the bag are the special adjustable compartments.

It is made of quality waterproof material such as leather and polyester. It leaves you worry-free about wet weather, and all you need to do is simply wipe to keep the bag clean. What add to the convenience are the sturdy gold zipper and separate slots for the makeup brushes.

The large capacity travel cosmetic bag can hold all your cosmetics and even mobile phone and other items. Customers who buy this sturdy little case simply love it and highly recommend the cosmetic bag.


  • special marble design
  • special adjustable compartments.
  • leather and polyester material
  • Waterproof and sturdy
  • ideal for party or travel


  • Bit of an odor in the interior

10. Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley

If you want your cosmetic makeup case to be as pretty from the outside and the inside, then have a look at the Vera Bradley signature makeup bag. The luxe cosmetic case is made of quality cotton material and polyester lining. The floral case from Vera Bradley is attractive and just the perfect size to hold all of your cosmetic essentials.

The cosmetic makeup case is quilted and comes with two roomy compartments. It comes with compartments that help you easily store the brushes and other accessories separately. Now you can organize all your makeup stuff and will find it easy to carry them with you.


  • Quality material and polyester lining
  • Bright color makes it look beautiful
  • Quilted cotton case
  • Most iconic prints and patterns
  • Dual zipper closures
  • The fully lined and flat bottom base


  • Difficult to see the products
  • Could be a bit wider

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Travel Makeup Bag

Let us take a look at the main features and factors that make the travel makeup bag truly the very best and most desired.

1. The Size And Portability

The first essential feature to look for is the size and if it is easy to pack and carry the makeup bag. Thus, the makeup bag should be spacious but compact enough to carry.

Avoid oversized or too small bags as it should be large enough to carry essential cosmetic items. Look for a lightweight and perfect bag which is easy to carry or toss in any suitcase.

2. Quality And Durability

The quality of the bag is an uncompromising factor. The makeup bag you choose should be made of top materials and carry sturdy construction. Avoid bags made of flimsy materials as they would hardly last. The makeup bag should be nearly crushproof and come with extensive padding for added protection.

A waterproof exterior nylon shell or a double canvas material makes a bag much sturdier and easier to clean and maintain too. A fully-lined makeup bag made of water-resistant material prevents leaks from spilling out.

3. Easy To Access And Organize

The next essential aspect to focus on in the best travel makeup bag is the number of adjustable compartments. The purpose behind this is to look for optimizing space and organization. The customizable interior compartments make sure that the cosmetics remain in place and are easily accessible.

It is best to go for different-size zippered compartments that can store various cosmetic items and help you stay organized. Separate clear plastic pockets allow for better organization and more practicality.

4. Versatility

This cosmetic travel bag you pick should be extremely versatile, and one should be able to pack it or sling it over the shoulder. There should be ample space for cosmetics as well as toiletries and other electronic accessories. The best travel makeup bag is versatile enough to wear and carry anywhere.

5. The Price

Like any other product, the budget is the deciding factor that will impact your final choice. The price range can start anywhere around $25 to $30 and may go well over $200, especially if you are looking for designer brands. Base your decision on what you are looking for and get the best value for money products.

There are women who are traveling for work most of the time, and it is essential for her to keep all her makeup well organized. Her makeup kit should be easily accessible to her as and when she desires.

FAQs on Travel Makeup Bags

1. What If I Have A Travel Makeup Bag Without Compartments?

In case you end up buying a makeup bag without any dividing and adjustable compartments, you can use ziplocs to store similar items together. Do not just toss in everything as it would be a disaster because there is every possibility of spills or breakages. It is best to buy the best travel makeup bag for your needs and ensure safe packaging and secure travel for your makeup things.

2. How To Pack The Makeup Items Carefully In The Travel Makeup Bag?

Even if you have a good quality travel makeup bag, you must pack your things carefully. For example, place the least breakable items on the bottom and keep the more fragile items on the top. At this point, it becomes important that you choose a makeup bag that is cushioned, especially if you are traveling. The idea is to travel safely and without any breakages.

3. What Are The Rules Regarding Makeup Items And Deodorant On The Plane?

What you carry inside the makeup bag is as important as the volume of the content inside, especially if you plan to carry the makeup bag with you inside the plane. For the liquid or gel-like items, you need to carry them in 3.4-ounce or smaller containers. Gel or spray deodorant, too, must adhere to the above regulation and must not exceed 3.4 ounces. However, the are no restrictions regarding the solid beauty products like lipsticks.

4. What Top Brands To Browse If Looking For A Travel Makeup Bag?

With the growing demand and popularity of the travel makeup bags, it is no wonder to see a surge in the market of different brands claiming to make the best makeup bags for your travel. However, there are some brands that you must definitely check on, and these include Relavel, BAGSMART, MONSTINA, NiceEbag, Kootek, Vera Bradley, Sephora, Cathy’s Concepts, ROWNYEON, and more.

Choose The Best Option For Your Needs

With ever-increasing brands and models of makeup bags available, it can be a daunting task to pick the best travel makeup bag. However, we are sure that after going through the above guide, you certainly mace the right choices and with confidence.

So, cut through the clutter, and just keep the tips and guidelines mentioned on this page. It will help you browse through only the best-selling products with raving reviews. Look for a travel makeup bag that is high-quality, stylish, and can keep your makeup stuff well organized and safe.