Best Travel Wallets Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Zoppen 2. Travelambo 3. Lewis N. Clark
Zoppen Tri-Fold Best Travel Wallet Travelambo Lewis N. Clark

Planning a trip to your favorite destination is fun, but you may require good organization skills for successful execution of your plan. Whether you are heading for a leisure trip or business trip, you need to carry a lot of documents and cash for smooth travel experience. 

These documents may become even more crucial when you are traveling abroad as there are documents including passport, insurance, bookings and many more. Even the foreign currency needs attention as you may not be familiar with the denomination much.


This is why you’d need an important travel accessory, you may look for best travel wallet that takes care of all your travel needs for safe and secure experience. There are companies specializing in manufacturing different travel wallets to take care of your varied needs.

You may even find different categories for best travel wallet to get the more personalized solution. Here we have found the best travel wallets that would help you carry your travel documents and cash on the go while making a style statement.

Top 10 Best Travel Wallets 2022

1. Zoppen Tri-Fold

Zoppen Tri-Fold Best Travel Wallet

This Tri-fold document and passport holder wallet would keep you organized at all times during your trip. Offered in a variety of colors, this wallet is the perfect pick to make a style statement.

The key factor that makes this wallet so popular is its RFID blocking sheet that ensures that it keeps all your electronic cards and passport safe against electronic theft.

The eco-friendly premium PU leather used in its making would be good to touch and flaunt. The color selection ensures that both men and women can spot their favorites from their entire range.

The portable wallet comes with premium quality zippers and very well planned compartments to ensure that all your important stuff has a place inside.


  • Well-planned slots to accommodate all your travel essentials.
  • RFID blocking sheet effective for the frequency of 13.56MHz.
  • PU leather material easily wipes to remove stains.
  • Portable and lightweight.


  • RFID not effective for room cards that work on frequency lower than 125KHz.

2. Travelambo


This wallet offers utmost convenience with its dual-fold design that comes with zippered compartments. They offer the wallet in many colors to suggest a wide selection to the users.

This budget friendly wallet made from PU vegan leather, they craft it to perfection and is one of the best travel wallet womens that we found after thorough research.

They also pack it with utmost care by using dust-proof cover and protective packaging to make sure that the product doesn’t get any scratches during transit. You can be sure of safety and security of all your cards and passport when using this wallet as it comes with RFID blocking to keep your identification private.

You can purchase it with no worries, as this beautiful wallet comes with 1 year quality protection that entitles you to easy return and exchange. The real large capacity makes it good to hold all your cards and cash in place.


  • 16 card slots and 2 zipper slots.
  • High quality vegan leather.
  • Fashionable and stylish.
  • 100% handmade to perfection.
  • 24 color choice to suit every preference.


  • Color shades may differ because of camera effect.

3. Lewis N. Clark

Lewis N. Clark

The ultra-slim travel neck pouch from Lewis N. Clark is both comfortable and stylish. You can carry it conveniently on your long flights and can also use it for day trips around the town. The efficiently designed passport holder has room for everything.

They line the lightweight and durable wallet with RFID blocking sheet to keep your identity private, to protect your cards and passport. It is an all-weather pouch made with TravelDry Fabric that instantly dries out moisture and also keeps any mildew, odors and stains away.

This one pouch can be your all-time companion on trips. The strategically designed pouch comes with a separate compartment for everything starting from coins, cash, passport, electronics, documents and other such stuff that you may love to carry along.


  • Hand washable fabric to keep it clean and dry.
  • Breathable mesh layer to let your belongings breathe.
  • RFID Blocking sheet for complete security.
  • Various colors to choose from.
  • Can be doubled as sports wallet.


  • It’s a neck pouch and large for a wallet.

4. Defway


When you will use your wallet or travel pouch to store important documents, credit cards and passport, the security becomes the key concern. Modern day thefts are electronic and all your private information gets scanned through your wallet if they do not design it to secure the same.

They aim RFID blocking technology in this travel pouch to keep all your documents and identity safe inside the wallet. They design this wallet to carry everything like cash, card, travel documents, passport, keys, coins and other such important stuff.

It comes with zipper compartment to keep small loose items that doesn’t fit in the card slot. The wallet designed with long-lasting rip-stop nylon is waterproof and will keep your belongings dry in all weather. It also houses a special outer pocket in front that keeps the phone or other such things that are taken out frequently.


  • They are available in different colors to accommodate choices of both men and women.
  • Comes with a hand strap to offer convenience of handling.
  • Efficient RFID Blocking.
  • Multiple card slots and zipper compartment to house all your essentials.


  • Cannot use it as neck pouch.

5. Apadi


Style and convenience are two key things that make this passport wallet for women so useful. They design this wallet for women from high quality PU leather that offers it elegance and durability.

You can use it as a clutch because of its big wallet size, you can also carry it to parties and for special occasions.

They can use this wonderful piece as family travel organizer as it can house up to 4 passports as a time along with tickets, travel documents, credit cards, phone and even keys. There is a special inner pocket zipper that can be used to store keys and coins safely.

They design the wallet in many beautiful colors and has special outer pocket that is good to store last minute notes, boarding pass and phone that is used frequently. Apart from this, it also housed RFID blocking to keep all your identification secure inside the wallet.


  • Beautiful range of colours.
  • Multiple card slots and zipper pockets with pen holder.
  • Premium quality PU leather to offer elegant look.
  • Convenient with outside pocket.
  • Use it as a clutch, while travelling.
  • Large enough to be used as family travel organizer.


  • Comes in clutch size and not very portable to fit in your pocket

6. Shacke


If you are the one who would like to keep your hands free at all times during the trip, then you should opt for the belt wallet. The belt wallet conveniently fits into your belt and is easy to access. The nylon wallet is one of the best travel wallet mens and it is equally liked by women who want to keep themselves free during their trips.

The wallet has 3 separate zipper pouches that can segregate everything during your trip. They line the soft material wallet with RFID blocking sheet that can reduce the risk of theft. They design the wallet size and currency compartments to fit in most of the popular currencies. It is easy to tuck in the belt in just few easy steps.


  • RFID blocking sheet.
  • 3 separate zipper compartments to segregate the travel essentials conveniently.
  • Convenient compartments to fit in various currencies.
  • Easy to strap in your belt.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Doesn’t have a choice of color.

7. Zoppen Zipper Case

Zoppen Zipper Case

Zipper case from Zoppen comes with removable wristlet strap and multiple compartments. They construct it with high-density nylon that makes it waterproof and durable. It is convenient to use as the three-sided zipper fully opens up the wallet to offer the full view of the cards and documents inside.

It is lined with RFID blocking to protect the thefts by scanning the identity and private information through the wallet. The removable key chain and wristlet will add to your convenience as you can decide how you would like to hold the zipper case.

The sleek looking case has a large space inside for everything that you need to carry during your trip. You can store anything from coins to a passport without falling short of space.


  • Designed With High-Density Nylon Fabric.
  • Waterproof and Stone-Wash.
  • Large space inside with multiple compartments.
  • Removable wristlet and keychain.
  • Good for whole family.
  • It is available in various colors.


  • Don’t come with neck strap.

8. Zoppen Passport Holder

Zoppen Passport Holder

Zoppen brings you colorful and well-designed passport holder and document organizer for women with wrist strap. You can use the beautiful multipurpose wallet for traveling, and also for taking your daily needs.

This small-sized wallet can be your companion all the time as it offers security and safety of your cards and cash all the time.

The wrist strap offers extra security as you can secure it tightly in crowded areas. Eco-friendly PU leather material used for its making is soft and durable at the same time.

These sleek wallet that can slip into just any pocket has 7 card slots, 1 pocket for boarding pass, 1 ID slot, 1 passport pocket to accommodate about 2 passports and a zipper pocket that can comfortably accommodate coins and keys. You also get pen holder and phone compartment for extra comfort.


  • Various colors to choose from.
  • Sleek and durable.
  • Multiple card slots.
  • RFID blocking for security against theft.


  • Small size.

9. Travelambo RFID

Travelambo RFID

They craft the handmade passport holder to perfection by experienced craftsmen with the tools like scissor, hammer and cutting knife. The professional machines do the stitching to get the desired strength at the joints.

It is the best thing to own to keep your cash and cards safe with the lab tested RFID blocking layer. It works on all the cards with frequency 13.56MHz, which is the most common frequency for the credit cards.

The chances of having any defect in this passport holder are less as they are handmade, however they are again tested one by one to ensure 100% defect free production. Talking about style, this wallet made from 100% PU leather has a wide variety of colors that will meet with everyone’s choice.


  • Practical design to organize everything well.
  • 1 year quality protection for the manufacturing defects and the defects caused at the time of delivery.
  • High quality zipper closure.


  • Small in size, it is only good as a personal travel organizer.

10. Skycase


If you are looking for durable design, then this is for you! The 100% handmade wallet with reinforced stitching is quite durable and will last for long. They make it from canvas material strengthened with inner fabric lining.

The zippers are extra strong to withstand rough handling. It comes with 8 pockets, pen holder and key chain. They provide the wrist strap for extra security.

Put your passport, documents and phone in the large-sized pockets to avoid missing on anything during travel. They cover the product with 1 year warranty. For any issues, there is customer care ready to serve at first contact.


  • Small and comfortable.
  • Large pockets for passport and documents.
  • Simple and durable.
  • Variety of color and design.


  • Doesn’t have RFID blocking.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Travel Wallets

Travel wallet has entered the list of essentials as more and more people travel across the borders. The global travelers have lot many things to handle apart from cash and cards.

There are things like passport, documents, identity cards, keys, coins, pen, foreign currency and a lot more. It is usually difficult to handle all these essentials along with your Smartphone and this is when the travel wallet steps in.

They design the sleek wallet to accommodate all these essentials along with your phone without creating a mess. The manufactures are coming up with sleek designs with practical pockets to accommodate everything you need while traveling.

Travel wallet got popular because of the global traveling, but it has now been an accepted norm for any form of traveling and you also find it useful for day trips. These wallets come with or without straps depending on its use.

There are many factors we have found worth noting before buying the best travel wallet for your next trip. We discuss here some of these factors to make your hunt easy!

1. Size

This may sound very basic factor but it is one of the most crucial factors one should check while buying the best travel wallet. These travel wallets are available in various sizes depending on how you are using it.

There are wallets designed for individuals, couples and for families. However, your specific requirements and your planning to use it always determine the right size.

Personal wallets or travel organizers would have pockets enough to accommodate single passport and travel documents required by an individual. It is a small-sized wallet that enables you to carry them in your handbag all the times.

Most of these small-sized wallets come with a wrist strap to easily hold it while on the go! Check for the designs that would accommodate all your belongings with a room for something extra that you would won’t to place as a last minute thought.

As it is evident from its name, the couple wallets are good for two! It makes sense when you want a dedicated travel wallet for both of you to hold all your travel related documents and passports.

Think of a situation when you are going with your kids and you have a lot to manage alone. Family travel organizer makes more sense. These wallets have enough room to hold 4 passports and other travel documents.

A larger wallet may be more practical for you but you may not easily keep it in your pants or jacket pocket.

2. Travel Destination

Few people would agree to this, but it is still an important factor to consider! It will be an important consideration to make when you are planning to buy a new travel wallet for your upcoming trip.

Some countries give visa by stamping it on passport whereas you need to carry documents to get an online visa. In that case, you may require a bigger wallet that can accommodate enough documents.

Similarly, some countries use more of coins in their currency and while traveling to such countries, you would require a wallet with zipper pocket to hold coins; else it would be tough to manage so many coins in your pocket.

Some countries also prefer cash to cards, and here you will require wallet that will hold currency notes safely.

Based on the above considerations, you can make the right choice between the options.

3. Material

They make travel wallets of various materials that add to its functionality and looks. The materials differ from each other in terms of cost, durability, looks, maintenance and other such factors. They even make some from an anti-slash material. Listed below are commonly used materials for best travel wallet are –

1. PU Leather

PU Leather is artificial leather that looks like leather but is cheaper and maintenance free. Durability of PU leather is good, and it comes in various colors and patterns. If you don’t want to spend hefty on the wallet but still looking for leather like looks, then PU leather is for you. Moreover, these wallets are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

2. Leather

Leather has always been a premium material and the looks and texture is unparallel. If you have the budget and looking for the premium touch and feel, then leather is a good choice.

However, with increasing awareness towards cruelty free products, people and manufacturers are slowly replacing pure leather with PU leather, low on maintenance and cost.

3. Nylon

Nylon wallets are very cheap as compared to other wallets. They are durable and very easy to maintain. Nylon is a lightweight material that is produced in several designs and colors.

It is waterproof in nature, and in all weather it can be carried. Nylon wallets are easy to clean and you need not worry about the fading colour as it is washable.

4. Cotton

Cotton wallets are low cost wallet, mostly designed to offer stylish look that match your attire and mood. These wallets are fashion wallets and won’t last long.

Again these wallets are not waterproof and you may end up spoiling all your important documents if it gets wet. So, we can use this wallet for your one time fashion statement, but it cannot be your permanent travel companion.

4. Type And Design

They design each wallet differently to serve its purpose, so you will get many designs for the best travel wallet Manufacturers are coming up with different designs to make the travel wallet more spacious without making it bulky.

They are giving practical storage in all the wallets to accommodate everything needed for travelling like currency, passport, documents, coins, keys, pens and all other things you need to carry along on the trip. There are many designs used for the wallet but some popular ones that grab the attention among traveler are:

1. Foldable Wallets

These wallets come with multiple folds to store all your travel essentials in the most organized way. We can easily access all these documents and cards after opening the folds.

The design is such that entire wallet opens to give a clear view of all that kept in it. This type of wallet may or may not have a strap for holding. Such wallets are good to keep in a handbag when not needed as there are chances that you would miss it in the process.

2. Wallet With Neck Strap

This is a very nice design if you want to keep your hands free all the time. This wallet is good to use all the time whether on your trip or just for your routine outings.

Such wallets have a place for the passports, documents and coins. Some of these wallets also have card slots in it. We can securely hold these wallets near your body to keep your belongings safe and secure all the time.

3. Wallet With Wrist Strap

They give you a wrist strap on the wallet to help you hold it securely. Many people ignore the wrist strap and hold the wallet without it but this may prove dangerous when you are in the crowded place.

Wrist strap is to give an extra hold on your wallet. Even when someone snatches it from your hand, you have a wrist strap to stop the theft. It is helpful if you have a tendency to accidentally drop your wallet on the go.

4. Wallet With Removable Strap

These wallets give you the best of both worlds. You need not have the hanging strap all the time on your wallet. These wallets are good as clutch without the strap and you can put the strap back whenever you need to be extra safety.

5. RFID Blocking Layer

This is a very important factor as this is modern technology to curb electronic thefts. These days people have multiple electronic cards in their wallets like credit cards, debit cards and various identity cards. When you are in a crowded place, thieves scan the wallet electronically and thus get all the details on your card.

This detail is further used to make fraudulent transactions. Thus, one needs to be extra careful as theft is possible even without physically stealing the wallet.

Manufacturers have therefore come up with the solution in the form of RFID blocking layer where RFID stand for Radio Frequency Identity Detection. They make this layer out of wire mash and it lies beneath the outer layer of the wallet.

The device acts as the shield against electronic thefts by blocking any type of scanning of the identity from the cards. Make sure you look for this security feature if you are going to keep some important cards in your wallet.

6. Budget

This is surely the consideration for whatever you are planning to buy as every good thing comes with a cost and you will have to compromise on some features as they don’t fit in your budget. The right approach is to weigh all these features as per your need and then find the best in your budget.

Tips To Make Your Travel Wallet Last Longer

Whether you have one travel wallet or you are the proud owner of multiple wallets, maintenance is the key to keep them in good condition for long. While the wallet is not something that needs regular washing after every use, it surely needs a cleaning after each trip.

However, there is no fixed rule of cleaning and maintenance as it totally depends on your usage. We can adopt some quick cleaning and maintenance tips given here as a routine to ensure that your favorite wallet stays with you for long.

Wipe any stains caused on the wallet immediately with a wet tissue as some materials are porous and may absorb the stain-causing permanent damage.

Avoid putting any perishables in the wallet and keep it strictly for important travel documents, currency and cards. This will not just save the wallet from damage, but it would also protect your important documents.

If you are the one who likes to keep the best travel wallet only for the trips, then you need to take special efforts for its maintenance. The reason here is that such wallets get spoiled when kept in a closet for longer time.

Most of the materials used in making of the travel wallet would require fresh air from time to time to keep it away from fungus or other such mole formation.

If you are planning to keep the wallet in the closet for a longer time, then make sure you bring it out in air at regular intervals. Also cover it in airy material to allow it to breathe.

You need to clean and dry it completely before placing it in a cupboard. You may also place silica gel packets inside the bag to ensure that it stays away from bugs and humidity.

You need to take special care if you are using leather wallets. You must condition it with special care products available for the same.

FAQs on Travel Wallets

1. Are Travel Wallets Really Useful?

Travel wallets are always useful. It is a very good idea to replace your old passport holder with this travel wallet having multiple slots. The best travel wallet will have a place for passport, travel documents, cards, currency, coins, keys, pen and many other things that you need for travel.

These wallets will be good for air travel, road trips and even for your one day outings. So, if you are buying a travel wallet then it will serve as clutch and sling bag too.

2. Is RFID Useful For A Passport?

We use RFID for electronic cards to secure them against electronic theft. US passports are now having RFID chip under the front cover since 2007. It is always safe to have a wallet with RFID blocking layer to avoid any type of illegal scanning of details through the wallet.

Even when you are having passport of other countries, RFID blocker is important as this will not just protect your passport but would also protect other card kept in the same wallet.

3. What Should You Keep In Travel Wallet?

Your best travel wallet is meant to keep all that you need for travelling. Depending upon your place of travel or type of travel, you may decide on what all you will keep in it.

You may not require foreign currency or passport for domestic travel, however it is good to keep passport for identity purpose. There are slots given for cards where you can put all your debit and credit cards.

For security reasons, it is good to divide the currency and cards in two different places to avoid losing them all at once. Keep everything that needs to be handy at the time of traveling in the travel wallet, while you can put all other stuff in your handbag.

4. Does RFID Blocking Corrupt The Credit And Debit Cards?

No, RFID Blocking doesn’t corrupt the credit and debit cards. It actually means RFID blocking is for protecting the credit and debit cards against electronic thefts. It is wire mash that we keep between outer and inner layer of the wallet material.

Presence of electronic scanner would help in avoiding the illegal scanning of the cards. This system doesn’t interfere with the functioning of the card at all. In fact, it ensures that the card remains functional with no kind of theft.

So, we recommend it that you better look for RFID blocking in the wallet for safety and security of your essentials.

5. Does Travel Wallet Also Accommodate Phones?

Most of the travel wallets come with an extra outer pocket or zipper pocket where you can keep the phone. These outer pockets are good to put anything that you decide to keep at the last moment like your boarding pass, last-minute cash, some coins, pen or phone.

Travel wallets are meant for convenience and we have no set rules to keep things in it. If your travel wallet has space, then you can keep whatever you need handy.

6. Will Credit Card And Phone Kept Together Would Demagnetize The Credit Card?

No, this may not happen and you can comfortably carry both credit cards and phone in the same wallet. Some observe that there is no effect found in credit cards, even when we carry it in the pocket just adjacent to the one carrying phone.

If you still find any problem, then let the card stay away from the phone for 5 minutes and the problem won’t persist any more. Most wallets have strategically placed card slots and phone pockets.

Make Your Travel Comfortable And Convenient With Best Travel Wallets

You can now enjoy hassle free travel with the best-designed travel wallets for you. There are different travel wallets based on their use, space and size. Some wallets differ in terms of the material, and security features.

There are lots of considerations to make while buying a good travel wallet, however the best travel wallet is the one that makes you feel comfortable with all your trips.

The wallet that allows you to keep all your essentials at one place and also access them easily is the one for you. Wallets can be big or small depending on your liking, but the wallet should be secure enough to carry your essentials.

Make sure you find the wallet good for your needs and maintain it well so you don’t have to find the right fit again and again. The good wallet is there to stay, and it is your maintenance that will decide your wallet’s life.

Getting a quality product is always advisable. Buy the best wallet from the tips above and maintain it well with the tips given here to enjoy hassle free travel across the globe.