Best Camera Backpacks For Travel 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. AmazonBasics 2. Neewer 3. Caden
AmazonBasics Best Camera Backpack For Travel Neewer Caden

Whenever you are planning a trip, carrying a camera is a necessity. No matter why you click pictures, either as your hobby or as a professional, a camera is an asset that captures memories. So, it becomes imperative to carry a protective and good quality camera backpack for your valuable camera and lenses. This is one of the sole priorities of many photographers.

To a photographer keeping his or her camera, lenses, and other accessories safe is a significant thing. Thus, it is essential to buy the Best Camera Backpack for travel. A professional camera and its lens kit come at a high cost, so there is no way that any photographer is professional or not needs to keep these safely even when traveling. The specially crafted camera bags are precisely the thing that you need to keep your camera, lens, and other accessories safe.


But, before you look for the best camera backpack for travel, remember all camera bags are not designed in the same way, nor are they equal. This means before you are buying any camera backpack, consider the size and shape and other specifications of your camera. For some photographers, the bags can differ from one shoot to the other. Thus, you can understand that just one backpack is not enough for you.

Why Do You Need A Camera Backpack?

For many beginners, a photography camera backpack is not a necessary thing. They feel that a normal backpack will do the job of a camera backpack, but this is undoubtedly not the case. Another reason any photographer backs off from buying a camera backpack is that they are way too expensive.

But never retreats from buying a good camera backpack. For one reason, camera backpacks help to keep your valuable lens, camera, tripod, and other stuff safe. However, here are some reasons why own a camera backpack.

1. They Are Far More Practical

A camera bag helps you to travel with your camera. Thus it makes a great sense of practicality. If you carry your camera in a normal suitcase, dig in the pocket to get what you are looking for, but this is not the scene for camera bags.

They have specific compartments for particular things. Thus, whenever you are looking for anything, you can unzip the camera bag, and it is right in front of your hands. They even have compartments for your memory cards and extra lenses.

2. They Are Safe

For apparent reasons, camera bags are safe. This is also one of the main reasons why travel with a camera bag. They design these bags to keep all your gear safe. This is not merely because they pad these bags, and they have compartments for different stuff, but they do not let your gears get harmed when things are not smooth.

Bags with body-side only access such as m-Trekker or Photo Hatchback prevent access to the camera compartment while you are wearing the bag. They have high zippers that make sure that your gear does not get affected by any external elements such as water, dust. Whether you are going on an adventure, you must travel with your camera bag.

3. They Are Comfortable

If you carry your camera and other accessories of the camera in a camera bag, it will not be a nice experience for you either. While you are moving, you would hear the camera and the accessories move and it does not fix them. You might also feel that your accessories are poking you on the back through the bag.

But you will feel exactly the opposite of the camera bags. They provide you with the utmost comfort and also keep your accessories and camera in a particular place. You can even find a perfect compartment to carry your tripod.

4. A Lot Of Options

When you go shopping for the best camera bag, you find that there are a lot of options on the market. You can find the exact camera bag that you need and that too according to your need, preference, and style. Look for the right bag perfect for carrying all your gear and then make the decision. You will also be able to choose a backpack according to your budget. There are a lot of companies that sell these bags so you can easily choose one among them.

However, carry your gear in a camera bag for all the right reasons. Camera bags are the safest to carry your camera and other accessories with you when you are traveling. You might think it is not ideal for wasting such a sum of money on camera bags, but do you want to risk all your valuable gears in an unfortunate incident?

Thus, it is always better to carry a camera backpack with you. Buy the best camera backpack for travel for the good of your gears.

How To Buy The Best Camera Backpack For Traveling

Before you go to buy the best camera backpack for your gears, you should know how to make the right choice. All camera backpacks are not the same as mentioned above. The camera bag depends on a lot of factors that consider before making the purchase. Here is a guide that will help you buy the best camera backpack for travel.

1. The Gears You Want To Carry

Before buying a camera backpack, always consider the type and number of equipment that you will take. Considering what equipment and camera you are going to carry will help you a lot with picking up the right backpack. Some equipment of the full camera gear that you have has specific needs of space, shape, and size.

You can get the bag for small to medium camera kits, which comprise small camera accessories with a point and shoot camera or a bag that can house large camera kits that have additional lenses and other accessories alongside a heavyweight camera.

2. The Environment And Subject

As mentioned before, the camera backpack that you are will purchase not only depends on what are your accessories and what kind of camera you have it will also depend on the shoot you are going for, the camera and the subject. This is mainly because different shoots will require different camera gear.

The gears that you will need to shoot the wildlife is not as same as shooting a wedding or other events. The equipment will differ, so will the backpack. The environment that you will shoot in will also determine the protection level of the bag that you will need.

3. Regular Photography Or Event Photography

You can get a versatile backpack that works in whichever situation and environment that you want to use it in. Or else you can buy different bags for different shooting environments. In case you need to have quick access to your gear, then you can go for a pack that has side access that allows you to access your equipment without struggling much quickly. You can even find some bags that have the top entrance.

If safety is one of your main priorities, as it should be, you can go for the backpacks that do not let you reach your camera as long as you are wearing it, thus reducing the chances of theft. If you do not want thieves to spot your camera bag quickly, then you can just go for the bags that just do not look like a camera backpack. Thus it distracts thieves from locating or spotting your camera backpack.

If you want connection, then you can go for a camera backpack that has a separate compartment for a tablet or a laptop. This will come in handy for those who carry a lot of devices altogether. You can find many such best DSLR camera bags for travel. Many of such containers do not just have one compartment for screen devices, but three. If you are one such person who carries a lot of tools, then you can surely go for such devices.

4. Sports, Outdoor Or Adventure Photography

If you are into outdoor experience, or sports photography, get a functional backpack for that. Shooting any adventure sport such as mountain biking, skiing, or climbing means that you will be in an extreme environment, and you have to think about the worst things that can happen.

Thus, you have to purchase a bag safe to carry around, and you can easily cooperate with you in getting through such weather. Trekking poles, sleeping pads, or hydration reservoirs are some things that you might need in such an environment, and that needs to fit into your bag. You can go for backpacks that have the multiple attachment points and suspension system to sustain your gears.

You can buy the packs that are built with durable material and that provide extreme protection to all your gears. Some backpacks are of waterproof and abrasion-resistant materials. The internal structure of these bags is quite tough. Thus, they provide your equipment with a lot of protection.

When you are shooting in an outdoor environment, you will just not need the camera gear. Still, your stuff,, so it is wise to look for a camera bag that has compartments for all your equipment and so you do not have to carry another bag with you alongside the camera backpack. There are better camera bags for travel that are just ideal for a multi-day trip.

There are also lightweight camera backpacks, and they also provide enough space for your camera gear and your belongings. You can also get the packs that have enough space for your belongings, equipment, food, and water. You can even get some waterproof bags in this range.

5. Travel Photography

When you are on a vacation or travel photography is your job, and then you can consider buying a hybrid bag. These bags can carry your camera gear and your belongings. These bags can hold your laptop or tablet and other personal stuff.

Many of the times, you will not be carrying your camera around; for such scenarios, always look for a bag converted into a regular wallet. These bags come handier than any other container. You can just turn it into your everyday bag only when you want it. This will also provide you with much space.

6. Wildlife Photography

Those who aren’t in this business they too are familiar with how heavy and valuable the wildlife cameras are. Photographers even roam around with a 500mm lens that gives them a close shot to their subjects. If you have similar plans,invest in a suitable camera bag. You can get a camera bag that has the best waistbelt and a harness.

You should also look for features such as a hydration reservoir and much more. You can go for the best travel camera backpack light in weight. if you are not looking forward to your camera bag to add more weight to your camera gear. You should look for a backpack that will keep your speeds safe in the most extreme conditions. Go for packs that have a robust built and do not let your gear go through any harm.

7. Traveling Where And For How Long?

Where you are going is an important aspect that you should consider before you buy a camera backpack for travel. Also, how long you are traveling is a matter of fact. If you are cruising for short trips and hikes, you can go for a regular use camera backpack that has the best features that you can get.

If you are traveling with another screening device such as tablets and laptops, camera gears, and other personal items, then you can go for that can be easily customized to your own needs and preference. You can go to the beginner’s camera backpack great for traveling.

These are flexible so you can use them as you want. Alongside that, look for the build of the camera bag. The camera bag should have a robust built.

8. How Will You Travel To Your Destination?

This is also a significant aspect that you should look on before buying the best travel camera backpack. You will never really want to check in your camera accessories wherever you go. Thus, you have to look for a camera backpack that comfortably fits the carry-on compartment. For this, search for the camera backpack precisely of the right size and shape that you want.

Get a bag that has abundant space for you to carry all your necessities and also does not take up much space. You can look for backpacks that can easily fit into the overhead compartments of flight. Some bags can be a rolling case easily. You can check with the airline guidelines regarding weight, shape, and size restrictions.

9. What Are The Activities You Have Planned?

If you are planning for just adventures or your job makes you go on the extreme environment, then you should go for light yet efficient backpacks. Photography and adventure sports go simultaneously. There are great options, however lightweight camera backpacks.

If you are up for day photography, pack according to that and will need a camera backpack for the same. You can consider these before you go on buying a camera backpack. You get a pack that is well equipped to carry your tripods as well and are lightweight as well. You can go for a full kit camera backpack.

These are some questions that you might feel necessary to ask yourself before buying a camera backpack. The best travel camera bag is the one that fulfills all your necessities. Ask these questions to yourself to get a better view of what will use.

Other Things To Consider Before You Buy A Camera Backpack

There are also some things that you should keep an eye for when you are about to buy the best camera bag for travel.

1. Material And Longevity

Someone who loves photography will take every chance to shoot outdoors. Sometimes it includes an extreme environment. Prepare yourself for the worst weather and the worst environmental condition. Hence, when you are shooting outdoors with all your camera gear, take care of that.

When you are up for buying a camera backpack, ensure that it is made up of durable nylon fabrics and is water and abrasion-resistant. If you rarely go on the extreme environment or weather condition, you can go for the stylish yet hard-wearing bags. No matter what you always buy, make sure that your bag is water-resistant.

2. Capacity And Size

Always consider the shape and size of your camera and other gears before buying the best camera backpack for travel. It should comfortably fit all your necessities in the bag. The number and amount of additional camera gear that you will carry will determine the size and the capacity of the pack. You know that you will need space to have a different place for the SD card. Try to avoid buying a sling camera backpack. Go for a bag that has enough space for all the gears and accessories.

3. Easy To Access All Your Gear

This entirely depends on how fast you have to access your camera and equipment. You can go for the camera bags that allow you to access your accessories quickly. The bags that have side pockets can be an excellent choice for such situations.

You can easily reach out for these and access your gears as fast as possible. For such requirements, you can go for the side pouches and waste bags that can help you by providing you with an extra room.

4. Customization

Yes, you can surely customize your camera bag. But not all the bags have the same customization levels, so you have to check how much you can customize a bag before you buy it. Many pockets are uses Velcro that helps you in reshaping the compartments in the bag according to your need.

Whereas you can use the side traps as crossbody bags. You can completely rearrange the camera bags by rearranging the compartment of your camera in case you need a larger space. You can also get the internal organizers compatible with many other bags. The dividers make it sure that you can easily fit in your camera lenses in place. They can upgrade a customizable bag as you upgrade your camera gears.

5. Security

When you are carrying around that expensive camera, lenses, and other gears, you will always want extra protection. You do not wish to potential thieves to spot your bag; you do not need a bag that says it has expensive camera kits in it. Some bags do not let anyone access your camera and gears when you are wearing the pack.

Other than this, what you need are a secured zipper and locks that cannot open just at one go. You might have to sacrifice ‘the easy to access feature’ here. You need to go for the bags that simply looking that do not shout out loud that they comprise an expensive camera and kit. You can get security from the best camera bag for travel from the list given below.

6. Comfortable

If you are a photographer, then you must know how hard the shoot days are. You will not get to rest for a long time. It is hard to get the perfect shot you might have to go on long walks and cross some dangerous conditions on the way.

Thus, you will need a comfortable camera backpack that holds all your gears in place and also does not annoy you with any poking or stroking of any kind. Comfortable nags also mean that it can adjust them as you want them. Comfortable bags also help you keep your hands free. There will no problem working with the best camera backpack for travel on your back.

Top 14 Best Camera Backpacks For Travel 2022

1. AmazonBasics DSLR Camera Backpack

AmazonBasics Best Camera Backpack For Travel

If you love to travel more often and prefer keeping memories of the spots in the form of pictures, then this backpack is just made for you. The Amazon basics backpack for SLR/DSLR Camera comes in the primary black color. The bag can support you in the best way while traveling. It has got separate pouches to protect your camera accessories.

The backpack has got adjustable compartments for the different sizes of the SLR cameras. They pad all the compartments to protect your camera accessories in the best way possible. You would not find any problem in fitting your camera accessories in this backpack as it has got plenty of pouches and pockets. Sometimes the bag might get heavy, and it becomes tough to carry such heavy bags.

For your comfort, this backpack comes with waist, and chest straps. The shoulder straps are perfectly padded for your convenience. The backpack has got big separate compartments too, which helps you carry the more significant parts of your camera at ease. The bag weighs 1.9 pounds.


  • The Amazon Basics Camera Backpack can hold up to 2 small SLR/DSLR cameras, four lenses, and even its lower parts.
  • It has nylon or polyester exterior cover, which is durable.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The backpack has got ample spaces for your cameras.


  • The backpack is not precisely waterproof.
  • It does not support any other extra accessory like a laptop or tab for travel.

2. Neewer Waterproof Camera Backpack


The Neewer Camera case can be your best buddy while traveling. This camera case promises to be waterproof and shockproof. The backpack has got an individual and separate tripod holder even. If you are looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price, then Neewer might be your ideal choice.

This backpack has many compartments for holding your camera accessories separate. The lightweight of the bag makes it easier for carriage. The padded dividers help you keep your camera accessories separate from one another. The backpack comes with adjustable and removable straps. The bag has even got a unique buckle on the sides to support your tripod holder.


  • The backpack weighs 1.54 pounds, which makes it easier to carry.
  • It has got adjustable straps on the back.
  • It is padded inside the backpack for being shockproof.
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty period.


  • The backpack promises to be waterproof, but in reality, it is water-resistant.
  • The backpack does not come with a separate laptop sleeve for the convenience of the traveler.

3. Caden Professional Backpack 


The backpack comes with the facility of holding a tripod accessory. You can easily carry any DSLR/SLR mirrorless camera in this backpack while traveling. The bag comes in 4 different colors, including Army Green, the bold Black, the classic Grey, and the vibrant Large Black. The pack is entirely waterproof fabric, which is 900D polyester nylon.

If you travel to some coastal area as in the rainforest or face some sudden rainfall, the backpack can protect your camera gears well. The bag comes with an inner sleeve for iPad storage. The separate internal compartments are adjustable and removable. The chambers have seven layers of padded protection, which makes the backpack shockproof.

The bag even provides a front zipper for small extra accessories and especially book storage. CADeN Camera backpack also comes with side mesh for water bottle storage while traveling.


  • The backpack has got breathable shoulder straps.
  • The backpack has reinforced stitching, which makes it durable and lasts long.
  • The backpack even comes with a double alloy zipper. It helps you reach for your cameras inside the bag at ease.
  • The backpack comes with a double zipper which means if one chain lock goes wrong, you can still have access to the bag
  • from the second zipper.


  • The backpack comes with an unpleasant smell.
  • The backpack has got nothing to hold the camera accessories in place.

4. Lowepro  BP250Lowe Pro BP 250

The fastpack is easy to carry. It does not slow you down while traveling. The backpack comes with an adjustable and customizable camera zone. The bag gives you a full access zipper opening. The total access opening makes it easier for you to reach your camera for taking a sudden perfect shot while traveling. The next-generation pack includes three, primary storage zones to help keep you organized and ready for the fast pace of modern travel.

The backpack enables you to stay connected with the outside world via your laptop or iPad. The backpack comes with a separate, padded compartment for the side items. The fastpack has not only rooms for your camera accessories, but it also provides different small pouches and pockets for the storage of your essentials like phones, chargers, cables, pens, keys, money, etc. A laptop of 15 inches can fit into the backpack of LOWE PRO.


  • The backpack holds on to the camera accessories with the help of secure straps.
  • The open zone can hold your side items while traveling.
  • The backpack comes with a waist belt for easy carrying.
  • The waist belt of the backpack is even padded, which makes it easy for you to carry it.


  • The weight of the backpack is a significant drawback. It weighs 3.8 pounds.
  • The size of the backpack is enormous.

5. AmazonBasics DSLR Laptop Backpack


The backpack can hold over one DSLR camera, two at least, and four lenses. It has got a separate slide for holding a laptop of size up to 17 inches. The backpack has got even a few small pouches for retaining the smaller accessories, which are essential for traveling. The backpack comes with padded interiors, which make it shockproof.

The padded interior dividers are even adjustable for optimal storage. The backpack of AmazonBasics comes with side straps for holding the tripod stands or other bulky materials. The shoulder straps are padded for your comfort and they are also more extensive than most of the shoulder straps. The backpack has got an adjustable waist and chest straps, too, for your comfortable journey. The straps make it easier for the traveler to carry the bag. The bag weighs about 3 pounds.


  • The backpack comes with adjustable straps for the convenience of the traveler.
  • The backpack has got wide shoulder straps, along with chest and waist straps for the comfort of the traveler.
  • The backpack has got separate compartments for carrying laptops and other necessary side items.
  • The backpack has got padded shockproof interiors.


  • The backpack has got optional straps in the whole body, except for the important ones like that of the shoulder, waist, and chest belt.
  • The backpack does not have any extra lining for holding the camera equipment in place.

6. Lowepro LP36899PWW

Lowepro LP36899PWW

If you are looking for the best camera backpack for travel, then you might look at the right product. Lowepro Slingshot Edge is the best camera bag for travel. The best part of this backpack is its structure. The slim and sling body shape of the pack makes it easier for the traveler to carry it. The bag can hold a compact DSLR or DJI Mavic Pro and even a Mavic Pro Platinum.

The backpack has a distinctive design in the front, where there are unique zippers and pouches for holding the side items like phones, chargers, cable wires, portable wires, earphones, etc. The system and security of the slingshot are excellent. The backpack has zippers and pouches that provides easy access to the camera and not even hampers its security.

You do not have to miss a perfect shot while traveling for late entrance to the camera from the backpack. The back panel of the slingshot backpack holds the camera accessories. The bag can hold a tablet or iPad, at least. The kit of Lowepro provides you comfort with two removable straps.

They connect the straps to straightforward buckles. Whenever you feel uncomfortable with the straps, you can let down the backpack just by unbuckling the laces.


  • The backpack weighs just 1.7 pounds, which makes it easier to carry.
  • The straps of the backpack are adjustable.
  • The backpack has a slim body.
  • The straps come with buckles, which makes the journey more comfortable for the traveler.


  • The backpack cannot carry a laptop while traveling.
  • The backpack does not have adjustable dividers in the camera case.

7. Endurax Photographer Backpack


This backpack is the best DSLR camera bag for travel. The pack is waterproof and best for carrying DSLR or SLR on the trip. The package has got hardshell protection in the front, which protects the camera entities from shocks and other severe damages. The bag comes in a bold black color, which does not get easily dirty while traveling.

The stylish structure and definite shape of the backpack make the traveler more comfortable in highlighting the features in daylight and at night. The bag has got an excellent holding capacity of accessories while traveling. The backpack can hold a DSLR or SLR camera with four lenses, at least.

Even after packing every essential part of the camera, the bag can still hold a travel tripod and other photography essentials. The dividers of the bag are easily adjustable. The interior portion of the pack has got padded dividers, which are shockproof and removable. You can even use the package for daily use or as a laptop bag after removing the padded dividers.

The pack weighs just 2.2 lbs. The packaging is of high-density water-resistant fibers like polyester. The luggage strap of the backpack is useful to the traveler while traveling. It enables the traveler to carry the backpack at ease.

The back padding of the backpack provides comfort to the back of the traveler while traveling. The breathable pads or shock absorbers add to the convenience of the traveler. It even ensures optimal storage.


  • The dividers of the backpack are adjustable and removable.
  • The backpack can serve the user as a travel camera bag and a laptop bag.
  • The hard-shell protector in the front makes the backpack shockproof.
  • The polyester covering of the backpack makes it waterproof.


  • You cannot carry a camera and a laptop together in a backpack while traveling.
  • The shoulder straps are not wide enough.

8. Esddi Waterproof Backpack


If you are looking for the best camera bags for travel, then you are scrolling through the correct product. ESDDI Camera bag is the best travel camera backpack. The backpack comes in the vibrant black color.

The backpack is suitable for mirrorless cameras only. You can carry the lighting kits of cameras, camera tripods, camera flash, lenses, and other accessories while traveling in the backpack.

If you are an outdoor photographer, then you can go through the fantastic features of this backpack. The backpack provides plenty of storage for carrying all the items of the camera while traveling. The Reinforced handles and sides of the backpack make it durable and long-lasting.

The backpack is suitable for moving purposes as it provides all-day comfort. The reflective strips in the backpack’s front make it visible to others, even in the dark.

It ensures your safety in the dark while traveling for wildlife shoots or other night scenic beauty photography. The backpack is highly waterproof. It provides a rain cover to the camera accessories of the traveler, even in heavy rainfall. The material of the bag is high density waterproof 900D Polyester Nylon. The backpack can hold mainly 2 DSLR cameras, six lenses, camera accessories, water bottles, laptops, and tripod stands while traveling.


  • The backpack is compatible with most of the cameras on trips.
  • The air mesh panel of the backpack makes it fluffy and suitable for optimal storage.
  • The extra straps of the backpack help in holding the camera accessories in place while traveling.
  • The backpack has got a separate laptop compartment.


  • The backpack can hold only a 14 inch laptop to be exact.
  • The backpack does not have any separate case or sleeve for storing other small items like phones, ear pods, iPads, etc. while traveling.

9. Lowepro LP37099250

Lowepro LP37099250

This backpack is the best travel camera bag on the Internet, specialized for drones. The pack provides perfect protection to your camera equipment like DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. The backpack can hold a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet. There is a separate compartment within the bag for the storage of your laptop and tablet.

The backpack has got an unusual phone zip on the shoulder strap to hold your phone. The shoulder strap phone case provides easy access to the phone while traveling. The adjustable compartments and dividers of the backpack are suitable for arranging the camera drone equipment in any way you want. While going somewhere, you might feel uncomfortable on the run on such tough long journeys.

The backpack has got moisture-wicking back panel to keep your back stress free. The waist and chest straps help the bag stay in place. The bag can carry DJI Mavic Pro drone transmitter, seven batteries to be exact, 15 inches of the laptop, 10 inches of the tablet, 2 GoPros, mirrorless kits, and some other personal items too. The backpack weighs about 2.95 pounds.


  • The backpack has separate compartments for laptops and tablets with extra protection in the middle.
  • The backpack is capable of carrying drones and cameras at the same time.
  • The backpack has a moisture-wicking back panel for the comfort of the travel while traveling.
  • The adjustable compartments are easy to rearrange anytime.


  • The backpack has not got any separate space for holding the tripod stand.
  • The weight of the backpack is considerably high than most of the travel camera backpacks.

10. Tarion Pro Photography Backpack

Tarion Pro

The TARION Pro backpack is the best for you if you carry a lot of things while traveling. The pack has the holding capacity of two bags. This backpack works best for hiking. It is mainly a DSLR backpack. You can carry all the items needed for photography in a TARION Pro at ease. The large pack comes with a mini child backpack, too, for serving you on your trip.

The package has a 25L large capacity. The large camera bag comes with an ergonomic shoulder and waist strap for the comfort of the traveler. The backpack can hold a laptop of size 15.6 inches. The camera bag of TARION Pro comes with side zippers too, which makes it easier for the traveler to reach the camera on time of sudden clicks. The shockproof compartments have EPE Dividers, which provides excellent safety to the camera and other accessories while traveling.

The backpack of TARION Pro comes with one PB-01 camera backpack, one camera shoulder bag for side item storage, and even a rain cover to protect the backpack and the things inside from rainfall while traveling. You can carry the maximum number of equipment of the camera in a TARION Pro.

It comes with a lower small backpack to take care of some extra camera parts. You can carry one additional camera and two short lenses in the lower backpack. The more economical bag comes with a strap that can go with shoulder, waist, or hand.


  • The backpack has got a separate sleeve for a laptop or tablet.
  • There are extra pouches in the backpack for carrying iPads.
  • The padded EPE dividers in the compartments of the backpack help the traveler in separating the items from one another.
  • The backpack is shockproof and waterproof.
  • The backpack has even got the specialty of adjustable heights.


  • The weight of the backpack is a significant drawback. The bag weighs about 6.9 pounds.
  • The backpack is more suitable for men and not women on a trip to photography.

11. AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Backpack

AmazonBasics Convertible

The backpack from AmazonBasics can be your best friend while traveling out of the zone for photography trips. This backpack can keep all your camera gears safe and sound at optimal storage. The large size of the camera bag enables it to store a lot of extra camera equipment while on tour.

The most fantastic feature of AmazonBasics convertible backpack is that you can adjust the height of the bag according to your suit will. If you find a trolley structure more convenient, you can choose this AmazonBasic backpack. This backpack comes with super quality roller-wheels for rolling down the lane line a trolley bag.

The pack is easy to carry; its perfect size even fits in the overhead compartments while on an airplane. It does not take much time in the backpack’s conversion to a trolley set. The bag has padded dividers for storing the camera gears separately. The pack provides the facility of carrying a laptop of 17 inches, a tablet along with you on the trip.

The telescoping top handle is another fantastic feature that the backpack has. You can pull out the handle anytime you feel carrying the bag in the form of a trolley. The kit also has a special pouch for storing your ID tag. It comes with a default rain cover. The rain cover is waterproof, and it helps one while traveling in coastal regions.

The backpack is efficient enough to hold DSLR cameras in place. It has got 11 separate compartments for carrying 11 lenses, batteries, filters, flashes, chargers, and more. Side straps are useful for storing tripod stands, and the padded compartments provide full protection to the things inside the backpack. The adjustable shoulder straps are there to make the traveler feel comfortable while traveling.


  • The backpack has got side straps for holding a tripod stand while traveling.
  • The backpack is easily convertible from a backpack to a trolley which requires no effort at all for carrying the backpack.
  • The backpack has padded compartments for storing the camera gears safe and protected from exterior damage while traveling.
  • The backpack has plenty of spaces for storing extra lenses and other camera equipment while traveling.


  • The backpack’s greatest drawback is the weight. The backpack weighs about 9.4 pounds, which is quite tough to carry on back.
  • The backpack does not have any separate compartment for carrying personal items like cells, phones, chargers, earplugs, iPads, etc.
  • The backpack does not have any moisture-wicking technology on the back panel to make the traveler more comfortable and stress-free while traveling.

12. Vanguard Camera Backpack


The backpack from Vanguard is unique because of its versatility. This backpack is a transitional camera bag, converted into a personal traveling bag from a camera backpack anytime. The pack comes with smart storage technology. It can store your intelligent technologies along with you while traveling like iPad, laptops, phones, etc.

It even provides a separate case for phones and a headphone extraction port for making the traveler stress free while traveling. The plenty number of compartments and adjustable dividers leave you the option of carrying and photography and personal kits you want. The backpack comes with a weather protection case, which is a rain cover.

The rain cover protects your bag and the things inside it from various climatic changes while traveling. If you go on a business-oriented trip, you can carry up to 9 tablets along with you in the backpack. The backpack from Vanguard weighs about 5.58 pounds, which is substantial.


  • The backpack is easily transformable from a camera backpack to a bag for personal use.
  • The backpack has got a headphone extraction port for traveling.
  • The backpack has a separate sleeve for carrying laptops and tablets while traveling.
  • The number of dividers and compartments help in storing the professional camera gears while traveling.
  • The number of compartments even gives you the facility to choose personal items as much as you want.


  • The backpack weighs about 5.58 pounds, which is heavy to carry.
  • The padded quality of the dividers is not that good.

13. Tarion Waterproof Backpack


The backpack from TARION comes with plenty of space for storing the professional camera equipment. The bag has a separate case sleeve for holding a laptop of 15 inches while traveling. It has got a facility of carrying the tripod stand below the bag on traveling. The extra straps below the pack help in providing support to the tripod stand below while traveling.

The compartments are adjustable according to your needs. The dividers are removal, and they are of a padded quality, which provides the shock-absorbing capacity to the backpack. The backpack can carry one camera, along with six lenses and one flash at a time. You can remove the dividers anytime to change the storing capacity of the backpack.

The backpack is long-lasting and durable as it is of high strength tear-resistance nylon. The bag is waterproof by default. But,TARION provides a rain cover along with the backpack while traveling. The rain cover guards the pack along with the camera gears inside it from rainwater while traveling. The bag’s nylon even protects it from scratches and dust particles on the way.

You can use the backpack in any way you want. You can remove all the dividers from the pack to use it as a bag for daily use. The kit comes with a side mesh for carrying a water bottle while on a trip of photography. The backpack comes with a mesh pouch for storing personal items like phones, earplugs, chargers, wireless cables, etc.


  • The backpack comes with plenty of space for storing the professional camera gears.
  • The high-quality nylon of the backpack makes it durable and sturdy.
  • The separate compartments in the backpack for personal items and laptop sleeves make it more popular among the travelers.
  • The waterproof cover protects the camera bag from the rain while on a trip.


  • The backpack does not have any extra strap inside for holding the camera gears in its place intact.
  • The backpack does not need any strap for the waist or chest on the backside for supporting the weight of the luggage.

14. Mosiso Shockproof Backpack


The backpack is efficient in storing the camera gears in its place while traveling. You can get separate compartments for camera and lenses and other compartments for flash and other accessories. The backpack has a side tripod stand holder along with a mesh cover to support the stand. The small pockets of the bag provide space for carrying personal items.


  • The backpack comes with anti-theft pockets.
  • The back panel is of soft, breathable pads.
  • The backpack comes with one wide comfortable strap on the back.
  • The bag comes with a rain cover.


  • The backpack does not have any extra strap to support the weight of the bag.
  • The backpack does not have a water bottle holder.

FAQs on Camera Backpacks For Travel

1. How To Pack In The Camera Bag To Travel By Air?

When you are packing for air travel, ensure that they carry your camera bag with enough internal padding. This will help your camera gears not get damaged by any kind of miss-handling. Store all the delicate items in the right place. Taking care from the start of your packing will minimize the chance of any damage to your camera items.

2. What To Keep In The Camera Bag?

This will entirely depend on what you will shoot and the environment that you will be shooting. You will need extra batteries, a variety of lenses, flash, SD cards, tripods, and other lightning equipment. You might also require your laptop or tablet with you. Thus, choose a bag that has room for all your necessities. You might as well need to pack some of your clothes and other stuff.

3. How To Know Which Is The Best Camera Backpack For Travel?

This is one of the most critical questions a lot of question asks, even after going through several guides. But, the one thing that will get you through this dilemma is what you need, what you have to carry, and what you will be the conditions that you will shoot. Also, budget is a more significant factor while choosing a camera backpack. Thus, keep all these in mind while you are about to choose the best travel camera bag for travel.

4. Online Or Offline – What Is The Right Purchasing Method?

Purchasing a camera backpack offline can be a great idea, but it does not come with a lot of conveniences, and sometimes might even become a victim of fraudulent. Hence, you can choose the online method. You can check out hundreds of camera backpacks online that have the guarantee authorization from the company. But always check for the reviews and the ratings of the bag you will buy.

Best Camera Backpacks For Travel – Your choice?

From the above-mentioned backpacks, finding out just the right one is a tough job. But you can surely find out the right bag if you follow the rules. Going on ventures with the right kit will ease your job out a lot. This guide will help you out in finding the best backpack for you.