Best Travel Jackets Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Columbia 2. Columbia 3. JTABIB
Columbia Best Travel Jacket Columbia JTABIB

Do you feel that you do not have more clothes to flaunts while traveling? Then you can develop your fashion statement in the best way possible with the best travel jackets ever. We will be glad to know there are plenty of eye-popping jackets.

In this article, you will find a lot of details about travel jackets. The travel jackets are easy to use and even more comfortable than any other jackets. These travel jackets not only set your fashion statement but also helps you avoiding feel like a pitcher plant in the coat.


We are presenting you with travel jackets that are of multi-purposes as they give a perfect look and also warms you up while traveling. Apart from this, we will provide you with some tips and factors that will come in handy for you.

Top 10 Best Travel Jackets 2022

1. Columbia

Columbia Best Travel Jacket

This travel jacket is available in different sizes and various colors such as black/grill, tusk/grill, black, mountain red/graphite, Azul/collegiate navy, Columbia navy, and so on. This rain jacket from Glennaker features versatile shells. The main features that attract buyers are waterproof fabrics, which protect you from getting wet while traveling.

The stow-away hood and zippered hand pockets help you keep your hands warm while on a trip. The adjustable sleeve cuffs improve your fashion statement; the draw cord adjustable hem makes the travel jacket last long.

You can notice the whole rain jacket has the chest pocket. You will be impressed with the coat’s Hydroplus nylon, which makes it quite durable.


  • The jacket comes in 100% Hydroplus nylon.
  • It has got high durability.
  • The jacket is enough to make you look fashionable while on a trip.
  • The rain jacket for traveling is waterproof.
  • It has got multiple zippers to keep your small belongings safe.


  • The zippers of travel jackets from Glennaker are easily breakable.

2. Columbia


If you are looking at the best travel jacket for women, then this waterproof coat from Columbia will not let you down. This travel jacket is available in various sizes and vibrant colors including, black, bold orange, Columbia navy, red lily, beet and dark seas, and so on.

The travel jacket flaunts a versatile shell of 100% pure nylon and lining of 100% Polyester. The mesh lining of the travel jacket from Columbia makes it breathable and comfortable for the traveler who wears it.

The breathable mesh structures in the jacket keep the material soft and allow passage of air at ease. The zipper closure enables you to get in and out of the travel jacket at ease in no time.

The travel jacket comes with the facility of easy machine wash. The coat is waterproof, which makes it capable of protecting a woman or a child from getting wet in drizzle or heavy downpour rain. The travel jacket put forward several adjustable features for the ultimate comfort of the wearer.

It has an adjustable storm hood, drawcord adjustable hem for increased durability, and zippered hand pockets for keeping the hands and the small stuff safe. You will notice this jacket is quite easy to pack. The user can pack it up in one of the hand pockets for traveling in unpredictable weather conditions.


  • It comes with several adjustable features like the hood and the jacket itself.
  • The jacket comes with mesh-like breathable structures.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The adjustable hem helps in keeping the jacket material durable and long-lasting.


  • There are disputes in most of the zippers of the jacket.



If you are looking for the best travel jacket for Europe, then this is the best opportunity to make an ideal investment. This travel jacket is available in five different sizes and eight vibrant colors, including army green, black, grey, navy blue, sapphire, and army green-b, and so on. The jacket is adorned with 100% pure polyester fiber. The zipper closure ensures the user’s body warmth and safety while traveling.

When it comes to styles of the travel jacket, the jacket is of a lightweight fabric, which is easy to carry on a trip. This travel jacket comes with features like waterproof shells, which protect you from drizzles.

If you are out on a trip, it has got quick-drying facilities due to the composition of polyester fiber, which is suitable for all the seasons. The style statement of the wearer can get to some other level due to the windproof fashionable travel jacket from JTABIB.

It has got various features like the drawstring hooded and drawstring hem for incredible durability. It even flaunts two pockets in the front with zipper designs to protect your belongings like keys and phones. The elastic cuff prevents the sleeves from falling off. Polyester on this travel jacket prevents water splashes and is even skin-friendly.

Once you donned it on, you will notice it suits every other occasion including, outdoor tours, mountain climbing, fishing, riding, camping, hiking, and many other outdoor opportunities.


  • The travel jackets come waterproof form to protect the wearer from light rain while on a trip.
  • The jacket is suitable for any occasion.
  • The polyester fibers prevent water splashes well.
  • It comes with drawstring hems and lining to prevent rainwater from getting inside the jacket.
  • The cuff of the sleeves is adjustable for the convenience of the wearer.


  • The travel jacket comes with some disputes in its zippers.

4. Goodthreads


The travel jacket from Goodthreads comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. The jacket flaunts colors such as camo, caviar/black, deep depth/olive, navy, and new British Khaki, and so on.

This travel jacket from Goodthreads is consists of 100% pure cotton. The zip closure in the front protects men from cold weather or rain while traveling. It even adds to the style statement of the wearer and takes care of the comfort of the user.

You would find no fuss while cleaning the material used in this travel jacket machine washable. The medium weight of the travel jacket makes it convenient for the wearer to carry it while traveling. The front zip comes with button plackets and four pockets in the military-style jacket.

The button cuffs prevent unwanted dust particles from entering your jacket. The interior pockets of the travel jacket help in storing outstanding personal stuff while on a trip—the drawstrings on the waist of the travel jacket help in the fittings of coat on the users.

You will come across two chest pockets and two lower-body pockets in this travel jacket. The pockets have two side entry facilities, one on top and the other in the sides for getting your hands inside the pockets.


  • The jacket comes in pure cotton.
  • It has got fashionable button designs in the front.
  • It has got drawstrings on the waist and adjustable cuffs to secure the jacket on the wearer.
  • The travel jacket is easily washable in machines.


  • The travel jackets come in inappropriate sizes.

5. Zhenwei


Have you ever had crazy affection towards a travel jacket? If yes, then the ZHENWEI rain travel jacket will put a smile on your face. This travel jacket is available in six different sizes so that you can choose as per your fitting.

You will be happy to know the jacket features the same quality in thirteen amazing colors, including army green, black, gray, light blue, light green, navy blue, and so on.

The jacket helps you have a particular fashion statement of your own. It has got a zipper closure, which is better than most of the enclosures as a zipper is replaceable.

This Spring Fall jacket helps you keep your body warm in cold seasons. You do not have to face trouble in carrying jackets while traveling, unlike most of the travel jackets due to its lightweight.

The jacket takes minimum space in your backpack while traveling. But it is best to avoid going out in these jackets during heavy rainfall. You can wear this jacket daily even.

It has got a perfect design with drawstring, which might help you look slimmer than usual; the length of the jacket is not too long to make you look weird. The jacket features fashionable side pockets and comes with a removable hood so that you can wear it anywhere.

For instance, if you get suddenly caught up in between a drizzle, some light rainfall while on a trip, then there is no need to worry if you have this waterproof jacket in your bag. You can even work out and do many sports activities in these jackets like run, walk, cycling, hiking, camping, etc.


  • The material of the jacket is Polyester and Spandex, which prevent water splashes
  • The long sleeves can help you not to get in touch with the rain at ease.
  • The jacket comes with a removable hood.
  • The Spring Fall jacket helps in keeping your body warm in the cold.


  • The zipper in front of the travel jacket might break easily.

6. AmeriMark


This rain travel jacket flaunts six different sizes for the convenience of the customers. It is lightweight so that you can easy to carry on a trip. This waterproof raincoat from AmeriMark not only prevents the wearer from getting drenched but look stylish at the same time.

The raincoat is available in many fun patterns for the wearers. It even features a proper hood to protect the head of the user from getting wet in the rain. The rainproof jacket comes with a feminine waistline belt for holding the coat in place.

The jacket comes with a portable, stylish small bag for the users to pack in the raincoat properly. The material used in this jacket is water splash-proof, thanks to its pure woven polyester shell. You would have no tough time to clean this jacket in a machine wash. You can even iron the jacket if necessary.


  • The jacket is waterproof due to its woven polyester material.
  • It has got a perfect hood to protect the head of the user from rain.
  • The jacket comes with fitting facilities like feminine waistline best and front buttons.
  • The jacket is easy to carry in the bag while traveling.


  • The product does not come in the exact size as it is in the product details.

7. Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials

If you are looking for the best travel jacket for yourself, then you can try out this brand-new travel jackets from the Amazon Essentials. This travel jacket comes in six different sizes, so you get enough options to choose according to your size. It even has several colors like black, camo, dark green, gray, navy, and khaki.

This shirt jacket from Amazon Essentials is consists of 100% pure cotton and skin-friendly material, which makes you comfortable in the hot climate. You can clean this shirt jacket as it is easy to wash in the machine. You can wear this shirt jacket for all the seasons. The jacket imitates a shirt, which is why it features a spread collar and four pockets in the front. Now that is some fashion sense.

Amazon Essentials keep on updating the features of the shirt jackets according to the need of the customers. They update the product, keeping in mind the quality, fittings, and comfort of the wearers.


  • The jacket comes in shirt style, and so you can wear in over anything.
  • It is of pure cotton, and so it provides 100% comfort.
  • The jacket comes in the exact style of a shirt, which includes a spread collar.
  • The shirt jacket also takes care of your fashion statement with four pockets in the front.


  • The shirt jacket does not come in the exact size as ordered.



Have you always dreamed of having the best travel jacket for Europe? Then this is the right opportunity for you to grab now. SCOTTeVEST might end up being your ideal brand for the rest of your life.

This travel jacket comes in seven different sizes for you to choose according to your fitting. The travel jacket can win your heart in no time with its five vibrant shades, which include black, navy, red, cobalt, and even graphite.

You will be glad to now it has nineteen pockets and a stowable hood. The pockets in the windbreaker help you to carry all your essentials while traveling like phones, keys, passports, documents, cameras, and so on.

The jacket has got Teflon covering for preventing rainwater from getting into the windbreaker. The light weight of this jacket makes it easy for you to carry anywhere you go. Not to mention, you can machine wash it and put it out for natural drying.

The weight managing system of the jacket helps the user to carry essentials easily. The user can pack the windbreaker anytime when necessary in one of its pockets.

You will be presented with a water bottle holder and a detachable key chain too. You can even give your headphones and earphones some separate space in one of the pockets in the windbreaker to avoid getting tangled earplugs.


  • The jacket is waterproof.
  • It has got a Teflon shell.
  • The jacket has got a stowable hood.
  • The travel jacket comes with nineteen pockets to carry your essentials while traveling.


  • The product does not arrive in the expected size.

9. AyeGear J25

AyeGear J25

Do you want an all in one travel jacket? Then it is high time for you to get the AyeGear J25. This travel jacket comes in many different sizes for your convenience. You will notice this jacket has got a detachable sleeve, which enables you to wear it even in places with a hot climate.

The jacket comes with 2x touch-sensitive pockets for essential items like cell phones. This facility allows you also to use your smartphone from outside while your phone remains out. The jacket has even got two large pockets for carrying big electronics like tabs, Macbooks, and iPads.

You will be impressed with the materials used in this jacket because it is breathable, windproof, and, waterproof. The jacket is ideal for any outdoor occasion like camping, hiking, concerts, and so on. The lightweight of the jacket enables men and women to carry it wherever they go.


  • The jacket acts as a vest and jacket at the same time.
  • The jacket comes with adjustable, detachable sleeves.
  • It is perfect for any outdoor event.
  • The jacket comes with twenty-five pockets for carrying essentials while on a trip.


  • The pockets are not suitable for carrying all the essentials every time.

10. Bombax


Last but not least. Many hail this one as the best travel jacket because it comes from Bombax. You can try this travel jacket because it flaunts two sober colors of black and blue. It comes in four special sizes for the customers to choose from as per their fitting.

The travel jacket consists of polyester and supreme quality cotton. It has a zipper closure in the front with ten practical pockets for carrying essentials like eye masks, tabs, passports, sunglasses, phones, bottles, power banks, blankets, hand warming, earphones, pen holders, and so on.

The jacket boasts of a microfiber cloth to satisfy all your needs while on a trip. It also has inbuilt hand gloves which enable you to keep your hands warm and clean even in cold or hot climates. This jacket will come in handy when you stuck in the rain as it has a composition of polyester material in it.

The jacket comes with an inbuilt neck pillow, which takes two seconds to inflate, and not to mention with one press you can deflate it. You can even use it as protection to your eyes while traveling on a train or an airplane.


  • The jacket has got ten practical pockets to carry all your essentials while traveling.
  • It has a composition of polyester fiber in its material, which helps in getting rid of rainwater to some extent.
  • The composition of cotton in the jacket helps in providing comfort to travelers while on a trip.
  • You get a neck pillow and an eye mask for free with the jacket from Bombax.


  • The jacket is not fully waterproof.

The Significance Travel Jackets And Online Shopping

Are you one of those crazy jacket lovers? If yes, then you should be able to spend on the brand you would love to have. It is not wise to have a vast collection of jackets.

But it suffices to have one coat which plays the role of all the others. Now, if you prefer online shopping over offline shopping, then you should be able to choose the correct product for yourself.

A quick search on the internet will baffle you with plenty of options. This factor would make you think about how to understand if a product is right for investment or not. First off, you can look through the details of the jacket at first.

This aspect ensures the presence of all the features you require in the jacket. After that, you should always go through the current reviews of the buyers in the comment section. It is the place where you might be able to find all the bitter truth of the product if it exists.

Factors To Look For Before Buying A Travel Jacket

The moment you think of investing in any product online, you should grill your mind with questions so that you will come to know about the best product in the market. If you want to buy a perfect travel jacket for yourself, the following section of this article will make you aware of some factors before investing. Go through the following factors to get yourself the best travel jacket of all time.

1. Multifunctional Travel Jackets

One of the essential factors that you should keep in mind before buying a travel jacket is the function of the coat. You can always consider one jacket better than other jackets. It not only saves your money but also makes you comfortable. If a coat is multifunctional, then you should buy it without a doubt in mind.

Just make sure that you can wear that travel jacket in more than one place or event. It should be suitable for parties, outdoor programs, holy events, and even sports activities like hiking, camping, running, walking, playing, and so on.

The jacket should also satisfy your several needs. It should be able to protect you from various weather conditions and at the same time should be able to make you feel warm during cold seasons. If your chosen jacket keeps up with all these functions, then you should buy it without much hesitation.

2. Layer Up

If you like traveling to places with variations in climate, then you should look for a layer up travel jacket. Despite the advancement in science in today’s century, nature remains unpredictable to humans. It is safe to say that you cannot figure out the weather conditions of any place you visit. So, you should carry layered up travel jackets.

A layered-up travel jacket comes with several layers to make you adjust to any type of sudden change in the climate. Besides climatic conditions, you would be able to flaunt your fashion sense in front of all with the different layers of the jacket. You can develop your style statement with one coat, which also will not take much space in your bag.

3. Easy To Clean

You would never feel like wearing a travel jacket, which is tough to clean. A delicate jacket will always haunt your mind with the fear of cleaning it later. In that case, your investment would undoubtedly go in vain.

You should choose an easy to clean travel jacket. Most of the travel jackets are machine washable. You should consider the material of the travel jacket before investing, which would be suitable for machine wash and natural drying.

4. Packing

When you travel somewhere, you wish to take a lesser load in your backpack. The more you increase the weight, the slower you become. If you want to buy a travel jacket suddenly for a trip, then you should get one which does not take much space in your backpack.

The ideal travel jacket for fitting purposes is the one with mesh-like structures and breathable material. When your jacket is breathable, it allows the passage of air in and out of the jacket. When you put the jacket inside your luggage, the air from it squeezes out and makes the jacket fit well in your backpack.

5. Versatility

Another essential factor you should never forget about is the versatility of the travel jacket. You should be able to wear the jacket anywhere you like. The jacket should not make you feel awkward anytime in public. It should be one jacket serving you on many occasions. So, choose a jacket that you can wear on any shirt or top of any color.

6. Day To Day Outwear

Your travel jacket should be such that you can wear it any time of the day. Certain outfits suit the owner only at daylight and not in the dark. Make sure your travel jacket should not be such. It should never make you look dull. Instead, it should always spruce your looks up in the light as well as in the dark.

FAQs on Travel Jackets

Have you ever come across several questions in your mind about a particular product that you wish to buy? Here is a list of a few questions, which you might find useful to clear your doubts. You would even get the best answers down below.

1. Is It Alright For A Travel Jacket To Be Waterproof?

Travel Jackets are often waterproof. It is usual for a travel jacket to be waterproof. Not every travel jacket comes with a waterproof shell. Such travel jackets protect you from rainwater.

2. What Are The Best Colors For Travel Jackets?

Travel jackets are available in many vibrant colors online. They even come in a wide range of brands and qualities. You have to search for your ideal color online. The color of the travel jacket highly depends on the skin tone of the buyer.

Regardless of every factor, travel jackets come with deep colors like black, blue, lily red, toned orange, khaki, and camo. If you consider buying travel jackets in a light color, then you can go for Beige or graphite.

3. What Is The Difference Between A Waterproof Travel Jacket And A Raincoat?

Raincoats are meant for protecting the wearers from rainfall only. They can prevent the user from getting wet in drizzle or heavy rain, whereas a waterproof travel jacket comes with polyester fabric only. It is suitable for protecting the wearer in sudden drizzle rain alone.

4. What Are Some Of The Best Travel Jacket?

You will come across plenty of options with a single search on the internet. Some brands, however, stand out from the herd because they flaunt excellent features. Some of the best names in the market are Men’s Glennaker Lake, Women’s Arcadia, JTABIB, Goodthreads, ZHENWEI, AmeriMark, Amazon Essential, SCOTTeVEST, AyeGear J25, and BOMBAX.


We have provided you with not only the top 10 brands but a comprehensive guide. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision. Keep in mind the factors we have mentioned; you will end up with the right travel jacket as per your choice and requirement.

Your aim should be to get a durable, long-lasting travel jacket at an affordable price and not only to save money regardless of every other feature of the jacket. Take your time to think and make the decision.