Product Reviews Secret London An Unusual Guide

Guidebook of over 400 hidden and strange attractions around London.

Publisher: Jonglez.

UK price: £10.99.

Pros: Up to date, well-researched articles, arranged by district with good maps.
Cons: Nothing about the ‘secret’ Tube, but maybe that’s a whole book in itself.

Verdict: A brilliantly fascinating, well-researched London guidebook that gets under the skin of the capital.

London is an amazing city and if you have traveled to it’s popular tourist spots then you may think that you have seen everything but there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

The book does a great job at covering places that you might not know even existed!

Make sure to pack in the best travel lenses so that your camera has the most versatile setup so you can get the best shots of not so well known places in London!